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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Legal Services Facility Appoints a New CEO

The Legal Services Facility (LSF) yesterday announced the appointment of Ms.Lulu Ng’wanakilala as its new Chief Executive Officer. In assuming this role, she replaces Kees Groenendijk who led the organization since its inception in 2011.
Ng’wanakilala, who holds a Masters’ Degree in International Law and Human Rights from the University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom and a Bachelor of Law from the University of Dar es Salaam, will among other things oversee ongoing institutional reforms at LSF designed to broaden legal aid provision in order to continue to enable millions of poor women and men in Tanzania to access legal aid services.
She assumes leadership of the non-profit organization that to date has facilitated the active presence of paralegals who work to provide free legal aid and education in all districts of mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar while also financially and technically supporting regional mentor organizations that provide oversight to the paralegals, as well as a variety of other implementing partners.
In anticipation of the new CEO and reflecting on LSF’s work over the last eight years, Groenendijk, the outgoing CEO, said: “From its very start with enabling support of development partners DANIDA and DfID and the government, LSF’s mission has been to establish an environment where access to legal services for poor people, particularly women, is both easy and reliable. To achieve this, we have created a large network of around 3,000 active paralegals across the country whose commitment interprets into visible positive changes to the lives of marginalized people. Of equal importance is that LSF works with many civil society organizations and the government to effect policy and law reforms to ensure that justice remains a paramount attribute of everyday lives of Tanzanians. The new CEO will find a vibrant, focused organization that pursues its vision with vigor and resolve”.
“Ng’wanakilala brings into LSF fresh impetus in terms of innovative and inspirational leadership, as well as broad experience and knowledge in vital disciplines and capacities that are crucial for moving this organization forward,which makes her the ideal person to occupy the helm of LSF”, Groenendijk added.
In welcoming the new CEO, LSF’s Board Chairperson Dr. Benson Bana pointed to the dynamic environment of the provision of legal aid services around the country saying: “Guaranteeing sustainable legal aid services is at the core of what defines LSF’s mission. Over these few years this organization has transformed the lives of countless ordinary citizens while putting emphasis on uplifting women who are traditionally less advantaged. LSF through active cooperation from the government continues to ensure the availability of legal aid services to everyday, ordinary people free of charge. Our incoming CEO will connect with these people and her wealth of experience will help steer LSF to expand opportunities for even more people to benefit from our dedication to access to justice”. 
Prior to her appointment to LSF, Ng’wanakilala served in various capacities including as Chairperson of the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood in Tanzania (WRATZ), Steering Committee Member of the Leading Safe Choices Project (LSC), Board Director of Tanzania Women of Achievement (TWA) and Founder and Board Member of Tanzania Centre for Communication and Development (TCDC). She has played a vital role in policy reforms and technical working groups at the coordination, facilitation and participatory levels including in the National Poverty Reduction Strategy (MKUKUTA). Ng’wanakilala is also a member of the Tanganyika Law Society (TLS).
Ng’wanakilala’s appointment formally commences on 1st May, 2019.


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