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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Absa Bank Tanzania Launches Agency Banking (Absa Wakala)

Absa Bank Tanzania Managing Director, Mr. Obedi Laiser (second from the left), together with some of his senior staff, from left; Head of Marketing and Corporate Relations, Mr. Aron Luhanga, Head of Retail Banking, Ms. Ndabu Lilian Swere, and Head of Products Segment and Business Strategy, Mr. Heristraton Genesis, displayed the placards to symbolize the official launch of the Absa agency banking service in Dar es Salaam.

* Targeting the unbanked population
* Aims to increase access to finance and drive Financial Inclusion in the country

Dar es Salaam, Tuesday, 19 September 2023 – In a strategic move to reach the country's unbanked population and enhance financial inclusion, Absa Bank Tanzania has officially launched Agency Banking services under the name Absa Wakala.

With a network of 15 branches across 10 regions and a network of 63 ATMs nationwide, the launch of Absa Wakala will enable Absa customers to access financial services at any time and from anywhere at their convenience. The introduction of Absa Wakala aligns with the bank's new purpose of "Empowering Africa's tomorrow, together – one story at a time," as it brings financial services closer to customers, particularly increasing financial inclusion among the unbanked population in various regions of our country.

Speaking today in Dar es Salaam while announcing the launch of Absa Wakala, Absa Bank Tanzania Managing Director, Mr Obedi Laiser, mentioned that the bank will continue to leverage technology and innovation in its service delivery to consistently provide unparalleled customer experience in the Tanzanian banking industry. "This is part of our mission as a financial institution to embark on 'Empowering Africa's tomorrow, together – one story at a time,' to help the continent overcome its socioeconomic challenges".

"Low incomes, high banking costs, lengthy procedures, and the obvious lack of extensive banking networks have deprived many Tanzanians of the valuable financial services provided by banks, thereby hindering our country's development," Mr. Laiser added. "As a bank, we are committed to ensuring that reliable banking services are easily accessible, and the Agency Banking model offers the right solution that the financial services industry needs."

"The Agency Banking model will provide a uniquely positioned and profitable avenue to serve the unbanked population within the existing banking environment, ultimately contributing to the bank's customer growth by reaching the retail market and attracting customers from the bottom of the pyramid," said Mr. Laiser, adding that all Absa Bank Tanzania customers can access banking services through approved agents available nationwide starting today.

Absa Wakala not only eliminates the need for customers to travel long distances for services but also makes it more affordable for them to access our products and services.

The comprehensive Absa banking services offered through Agency Banking include Card-based Withdrawal Transactions, Cardless Deposits, Card-based Deposits, Card-based Mini Statements, Card-based Balance Enquiries, and Card-based Funds Transfers (Absa to Absa). "These comprehensive services will be offered by our agents through the current phase we are launching today; subsequently, the bank is committed to continue enhancing the proposition by rolling out additional services given our adaptive to technology advances and innovations and will gradually expand our offering through this channel," Mr. Laiser stated.

On her part, Ndabu Lilian Swere, the Head of Retail Banking, alluded that Absa Bank Tanzania has demonstrated significant growth in its customer base and profitability overtime, and this has necessitated the deployment of agency banking solution to better serve its customers. She highlighted that Absa Wakala solution is one of the bank’s testimonials that cement the bank’s promise of taking banking services closer to its customers through various cost-effective channels with enhanced convenience. She further announced that with the launch of Absa Wakala, the bank has introduced a two-months promotional offer that allows Absa customers to transact through Absa Wakala free of charge from the launch date. Post that period customers will continue enjoying banking services at the bank’s affordable tariff guide displayed at Absa Wakala premises.

In his concluding remarks, the MD further emphasized that while the bank is actively expanding its physical presence in major towns across the country, it will continue to invest heavily in technological innovations to bring more innovative and world-class services that ensure affordability, reliability and convenience to the bank’s customers and help the bank to continue hold its position as the leading digital bank in Tanzania.

"Our aim is to continue investing in new ways of delivering our products and services in a manner that will empower our customers and support their growth, while maintaining our leadership position in digital banking in the country.”, affirmed the MD.

For more information, please contact:

Aron Luhanga
Head, Marketing & Corporate Relations
Absa Bank Tanzania Limited
Call: +255 768 221 717

About Absa Bank Tanzania

Absa Bank Tanzania Limited is one of Tanzania’s leading financial institutions offering an integrated set of products and services across Corporate and Investment Banking, Business Banking with solutions for SMEs, and Retail Banking. Backed by its 21-year legacy in Tanzania and inspired by the people it serves, Absa is committed to finding local solutions to uniquely local challenges and everything we do is focused on bringing possibility to life.

Absa Bank Tanzania is part of Absa Group Limited, one of Africa’s largest diversified financial services groups. Absa Group employees approximately 40, 000 professionals operating in South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Seychelles, Mauritius, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana. The Group has representative offices in Nigeria, Namibia, London and New York, as well as insurance operations in Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia. Absa is a truly African brand, inspired by the people we serve and determined to be the financial services Group Africa can be proud of.

For more about Absa Bank Tanzania, its products and services, visit www.absa.co.tz

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Benki ya Absa yasogeza karibu huduma za kibenki kwa watanzania ikizindua Absa Wakala

Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Benki ya Absa Tanzania, Bwana Obedi Laiser (wa pili kushoto), akiwa na baadhi ya maofisa wa benki hiyo kutoka kushoto; Mkuu wa Masoko na Mahusiano, Bwana Aron Luhanga, Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Wateja, Bi. Ndabu Lilian Swere na Mkuu wa Mikakati na Bidhaa za Wateja Rejareja, Bwana Heristraton Genesis, wakizindua rasmi huduma za kifedha za Absa Wakala, jijini Dar es Salaam leo.
Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Benki ya Absa Tanzania, Bwana Obedi Laiser (wa pili kushoto), akizungumza wakati wa hafla ya uzinduzi rasmi wa Huduma ya Absa Wakala, jijini Dar es Salaam leo. Pamoja naye kutoka kushoto ni, Mkuu wa Masoko na Mahusiano, Bwana Aron Luhanga, Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Wateja Binafsi wa Benki ya Absa Tanzania, Bi. Ndabu Lilian Swere na Mkuu wa Mikakati na Bidhaa za Wateja Rejareja, Bwana Heristraton Genesis.
Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Wateja Binafsi wa Benki ya Absa Tanzania, Bi. Ndabu Lilian Swere (wa pili kulia), akizungumza wakati wa hafla ya uzinduzi rasmi wa Huduma ya Absa Wakala, jijini Dar es Salaam jana. Pamoja naye kutoka kushoto ni, Mkuu wa Masoko na Mahusiano, Bwana Aron Luhanga, Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa benki hiyo, Bwana Obedi Laiser na Mkuu wa Mikakati na Bidhaa za Wateja Rejareja, Bwana Heristraton Genesis
Mkuu wa Mikakati na Bidhaa za Wateja Rejareja wa Benki ya Absa Tanzania, Bwana Heristraton Genesis (kulia), akitoa ufafanuzi kuhusu huduma za Absa Wakala katika uzinduzi huo jijini Dar es Salaam leo. Kulia kwake ni; Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Wateja Binafsi, Bi. Ndabu Lilian Swere, Mkurugenzi Mtendaji, Bwana Obedi Laiser na Mkuu wa Masoko na Mahusiano, Bwana Arona Luhanga.
Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Benki ya Absa Tanzania, Bwana Obedi Laiser (wa pili kushoto, waliokaa), akipiga picha ya kumbukumbu na baadhi ya wafanyakazi wa benki hiyo jijini Dar es Salaam leo wakati Absa Tanzania ikizindua huduma zake za kibenki kwa kutumia Absa Wakala.

Benki ya Absa Tanzania imezindua huduma yake ya Absa Wakala ikiwa ni mikakati ya benki hiyo katika kusogeza huduma za kibenki karibu na watanzania sambamba na lengo lake la kuiwezesha Afrika ya kesho, pamoja - hatua moja baada ya nyingine.

Akizungumza katika uzinduzi huo jijini Dar es Salaam leo, Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa benki hiyo, Bwana Obedi Laiser alisema uzinduzi wa Absa Wakala utasaidia kwa kiasi kikubwa juhudi za serikali katika azma yake ya kufikisha huduma za kifedha karibu zaidi na kwa watanzania wengi zaidi hususan katika maeneo ambayo hayajafikiwa na huduma za kiasili za kifedha.

Bwana Laiser alisema “Dhumuni la Benki ya Absa Tanzania ni kuunga mkono ajenda ya serikali ya kutoa huduma za kifedha kwa wananchi wote, Absa Wakala tunayozindua leo itakuwa suluhu na itachangia zaidi ujumuishwaji kwa kifedha nchini, Benki ya Absa Tanzania itaendelea kufanya kazi kwa bidii ili kuhakikisha kuwa pengo la watu wasiopata huduma za benki nchini linapungua hususani kwa wakazi wa vijijini".

Nina furaha kubwa sana kuwashirikisha hatua nyingine muhimu ambayo benki yetu ya Absa imefikia leo hii kuzindua huduma ya Absa Wakala, hatua hii muhimu ni katika jitihada zetu za kufikia lengo letu kuu la shirika, ambalo ni kuwezesha Afrika ya kesho, pamoja - hatua moja baada ya nyingine".

Kama mnavyofahamu, Tanzania inakabiliwa na changamoto nyingi zinazohusiana na upatikanaji wa huduma za kifedha, jambo linalothibitishwa na viwango vya chini vya ushirikishwaji wa kifedha nchini Tanzania, msongamano wa benki nyingi katika miji mikubwa/miji yenye mzunguko mkubwa wa biashara, muda mdogo wa kufanya kazi kwa benki za biashara, ni baadhi ya changamoto ambazo zimechangia idadi kubwa ya watu kutofikiwa na huduma za benki nchini".

Huduma ya Kibenki ya Absa Wakala (Absa Wakala) tunayoizindua leo ni mojawapo ya chaneli zitakazotoa suluhu kwa baadhi ya changamoto hizo na kusaidia kwa kiasi kikubwa Bara la Afrika kuondokana na baadhi ya changamoto za kiuchumi na za kijamii,” anasema Bwana Laiser.

Mkurugeni huyo aliongeza kuwa kupitia Absa Wakala, hakutakuwa na haja tena ya wateja kusafiri umbali hadi benki, hakutakuwa na kusimama kwenye foleni ya benki, na shughuli za malipo zitafanyika kwa uharaka zaidi. Aidha, huduma hiyo ni nafuu kwa mwananchi wa kawaida, kwani ada za miamala zitakuwa chini kuliko zile za matawi na pia muda wa kupata huduma pia utaongezeka, kwani mawakala hufanya kazi kwa muda mrefu zaidi kuliko matawi, na huduma zitakuwa rahisi zaidi bila kuhitaji kujaza fomu nyingi.

Kwa upande wake Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Wateja Binafsi wa Benki ya Absa, Bi. Ndabu Lilian Swere alisema uzinduzi wa Absa Wakala ni ushahidi mwingine wa jinsi benki hiyo ilivyojizatiti katika kutimiza ahadi zake za kusogeza huduma karibu kwa watanzania na tena kwa kutumia njia rahisi na nafuu.

Kwa kuonyesha tunawajali wateja wetu mara baada ya uzinduzi huu kwa muda wa miezi miwili wateja watakaokwenda kufanya miamala kwa mawakala wetu wataweza kupata huduma bila ada yoyote,” alisema Bi. Ndabu.

Akizungumzia baadhi ya huduma zitakazopatikana kwa wakala wa Absa, Mkuu wa Mikakati na Bidhaa Rejareja wa Absa, Bwana Heristraton Genesis alizitaja baadjhi ya huduma kama kutoa pesa kwa kutumia Kadi, kuweka pesa kwenye akunti kwa kutumia kadi, kupata taarifa fupi za akaunti ya benki, kuangalia salio la akaunti ya benki pamoja na kutuma pesa kwa kadi (Absa kwenda Absa).

Thursday, September 14, 2023


The Tanzania Bloggers Network (TBN), today held an informal gathering and luncheon with Ms. Jeanne Clark and Kalisha Holmes, US Embassy's Public Affairs Officer and Press and Information Officer respectively, at the Serena Hotel in Dar es Salaam.

During the meeting, senior TBN members who attended discussed a number of issues with the officers, including the current and future plans of the association.

"We shared our vision of developing the association further to enhance the promotion of the valuable work carried out by our members since its inception in early 2015", TBN founding member Josephat Lukaza said.

"We were thrilled to learn of the American Embassy's keen interest in the work of online journalists and their commitment to collaborating with TBN", said John Bukuku, another veteran blogger.
The TBN members expressed gratitude to the US Embassy for expressing interest in providing training opportunities to enhance professionalism and adhere to the ethical standards of journalism, saying that the move was truly encouraging.

"We believe that such collaborations will play a pivotal role in uplifting the standards of online journalism in Tanzania".

"Your dedication to fostering a supportive and empowering environment for bloggers and online journalists is inspiring. We are confident that this partnership will contribute significantly to the growth and development of our association, as well as the broader media landscape in Tanzania", pioneering blogger Issa Michuzi said.

Michuzi added: "We are excited about the potential for future collaborations and the positive impact they will have on our members and the Tanzanian blogging community as a whole".

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Tamasha la Airtel Wasafi Festival 2023 lawapagaisha wakazi wa Ruangwa

Rais wa WCB na Balozi wa Airtel Diamond Platnumz akifanya vitu vyake katika Tamasha la Airtel Wasafi Festival mjini Ruangwa, mkoani Lindi jana. Ili kunogesha tamasha aliingia kwa staili ya aina yake akivaa vazi la kizombi.
Msanii wa muziki wa kizazi kipya, Lavalava akikonga nyoyo za maelfu ya wakazi wa Ruangwa na sehemu jirani wakati wa Tamasha la Airtel Wasafi Festival 2023 mjini Ruangwa, Lindi jana.
Msanii wa Bongo fleva, Rayvanny (kushoto), akiimba wakati wa Tamasha la Airtel Wasafi Festival mjini Ruangwa jana. Rayvanny aliingia na staili ya nyumba na familia ya kiafrika akiwa na mifugo mbalimbali.
Baadhi ya maelfu ya wakazi wa mjini wa Ruangwa na maeneo ya jirani wakishuhudia Tamasha la Airtel Wasafi Festival 2023 lililofanyika wilayani Ruangwa, mkoani Lindi jana.
Licha ya burudani ya nguvu kutoka katika steji ya Airtel Wasafi Festival 2023, wahudhuriaji hupata fursa ya kupata huduma mbalimbali kutoka Airtel kama kufanya miamala ya Airtel Money, kusajili laini kama inavyoonekana pichani.

LIKIWA katika onyesho lake la pili, baada ya Mtwara, Tamasha la Airtel Wasafi Festival linalodhaminiwa na Kampuni ya Simu za Mkononi ya Airtel limeendelea kuonesha kuwa ni moto wa kuotea mbali baada ya safari hii kuutikisa mji wa Ruangwa pamoja na viunga vyake baada ya kushuhudia wasanii wakali zaidi 21 wakilishambulia jukwaa kila mmoja kwa staili ya aina yake.

Wasanii hao wengi wao wakiwa ni kutoka crew ya Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) walilishambulia jukwaa bila kuchoka wakiongozwa na Rais wa WCB na Balozi wa Airtel Diamond Platnumz ambaye yeye alivunja rekodi kwa kuingia na staili ‘Kizombi’ hivyo kufanya maelfu ya wakazi wa Ruangwa kushangilia kwa nguvu muda wote wakati mkali huyo akishusha ngoma zake zinazobamba katika chati kwa sasa na kupiga shoo ya nguvu akianza kwa kuchagiza akitaja jina la Waziri Mkuu wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, Mhe. Kassim Majaliwa ambaye yeye ni mwenyeji wa Ruangwa na hivyo kuamsha kelele za shangwe kutoka kwa mashabiki wake.

Na kama hiyo haitoshi, mkali mwingine, Rayvvany huyu naye awali akitokea WCB, lakini sasa akimiliki lebo yake iitwayo ‘Next Level Music’ yeye aliamua kuibadilisha steji kuwa kama yupo kijijini baada ya kuweka jengo la nyumba yenye asili ya kiafrika huku akiwa na mifugo kadhaa, ikiwemo sungura na mbuzi lakini hayo yote ikiwa ni kutia chachandu Tamasha la Airtel Wasafi Festival ambalo mwaka huu limekuja kivingine.

Akizungumza, Meneja Mahusiano wa Kampuni ya Airtel Tanzania, Jackson Mmbando alisema, kama ilivyoahidiwa siku ya uzinduzi wa tamasha hili, ndicho kinachofanyika kwani Tamasha la Wasafi Festval 2023 chini ya udhamini wa Airtel halifanyiki kwa mtindo wa kimazoea.

Airtel Wasafi Festival 2023 ni moto wa kuotea mbali, sisi kama Airtel Tanzania tunataka watanzania wapate burudani ya uhakika hususani katika kipindi hiki cha mwisho wa mwaka.

Lakini sio burudani tu kutoka crew nzima ya WCB na wasanii wengine bali kila panapofanyika matamasha haya, Airtel tumeendelea kutoa huduma za mtandao wetu bora ikiwa ni pamoja na kufungua maduka ya Airtel Money ili kuweza kusogeza huduma zetu karibu zaidi kwa wateja wetu na kwa watanzania kwa ujumla.

Airtel tunahamasisha watanzania wote wasikose fursa hii ya kuhudhuria kwa wingi katika matamasha haya yanayoendelea kwani Airtel Wasafi Festival 2023 ni zaidi ya burudani,” alisema Bwana Mmbando.

Mara baada ya onesho la Ruangwa tamasha litakalofuata la Airtel Wasafi Festival linatarajiwa kufanyika katika mji wa Songea mkoani Ruvuma, ambapo pamoja na mambo mengine, Balozi wa Airtel, Diamond Platnumz atafungua Airtel Money Branch, kuhudumia wateja na kufanya shughuli nyingine za kijamii mkoani humo.

Mbali ya Rais huyo wa WCB, baadhi ya wasanii wengine wanafanya makamuzi katika Tamasha la Wasafi Festival la mwaka huu ni, Jux, Rayvan, Mbosso, Mr Blue, Darasa, Young Lunya, Lavalava, Zuchu, Chid Benz, Billnas, Mabantu, Linex, J Melody, Kusah, Weusi, Chege & Temba na wengine wengi.

Friday, September 1, 2023

Absa Bank Tanzania to help Tanzanians invest in a 5-star luxury resort in Zanzibar - The Ocean Pearl Zanzibar

Absa Bank Tanzania Head of Retail Banking, Ndabu Lilian Swere (right), addresses a media conference in Dar es Salaam today to announce a mortgage agreement with the Squid Zanzibar Ltd that makes the financial institution the sole lender for Tanzanians wanting to invest in a 5-star luxury condo resort The Ocean Pearl in Zanzibar. Looking on from left are; Absa Bank Head of Affluent Segment, Thereza Majinge and the Ocean Pearl’s developer Squid Zanzibar Ltd Chief Executive Officer, George Alexandru
The Squid Zanzibar Ltd Ocean Pearl project Sales Manager, Ms. Gina Washington (second left), speaking to the media during a press meeting in Dar es Salaam today to announce a mortgage agreement with Absa Bank Tanzania that makes the financial institution the sole lender for Tanzanians wanting to invest in a 5-star luxury condo resort The Ocean Pearl in Zanzibar. Looking on from left are; Absa Bank Head of Affluent Segment, Thereza Majinge, Squid Zanzibar Chief Executive Officer, George Alexandru and Absa Bank Head of Retail Banking, Ndabu Lilian Swere.

Absa Bank Tanzania Limited has today announced a mortgage agreement it has entered with The Squid Zanzibar Limited that makes Absa the sole mortgage lender for Tanzanians wanting to invest in a 5-star luxury condo resort in Isles - The Ocean Pearl Zanzibar.

The new penned deal, which comes only a few months after the bank launched its revamped mortgage proposition, will see Absa Bank Tanzania provide Tanzanians, both residents and non-residents, an opportunity to invest in Zanzibar's stunning 5-star resort overlooking the Indian Ocean and rent it out as a serviced holiday or corporate stay space through an on-site hospitality management company.

The Ocean Pearl Zanzibar is set to become one of its kind 5-star luxury condo resort in the Isles upon completion of the first phase come mid-2025. The dream destination will offer a unique combination of water, sandy beaches, culinary experiences, adventure and trips to nearby islands, history and culture, everything gathered in one place as to spoil and make visitors fall in love with this exotic destination.

The luxury condo resort will contain different types of apartments including studio appartements on the ground, first and superior floor with stunning view to the ocean from generous terrace; penthouse apartments with amazing pools, generous terrace with amazing sunshades and jacuzzi; Pearl villas and Luxury villas with private pools, amazing ocean view, bar, generous terraces, and gardens. Those interested to get further details about the resort, investment potential, and the exclusive mortgage opportunity, are invited to visit the developer’s website www.theoceanpearlzanzibar.com for more details.

Mr. George Alexandru, the Managing Director of Squid Zanzibar Limited – the developer of The Ocean Pearl Zanzibar, speaking during the press event, said “We are really thrilled to have secured this mortgage agreement with Absa Bank Tanzania. For us winning the confidence of a Pan-African bank like Absa speaks volume about our credibility and it serves as a testament to the viability of this multi-billion shillings project.

To our potential investors, this is a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity for those who have been looking to get into the hospitality business without wanting to deal with the hassles of day-to-day management of a hotel. Through our on-site hospitality management company, we take care of the hotel management hassle for our investors and allow them time to focus on the things that matter most to them while they continue to enjoy handsome returns on their investments. The projected returns generated by the resort are expected to exceed the estimated mortgage installment amounts, and therefore potentially offsetting the mortgage installments and allow the investor to enjoy life without worrying about fulfilling their mortgage repayment obligation.

On her part, Ms. Ndabu Swere, the Bank’s Head of Retail Banking, said “When we launched our revamped mortgage proposition in February, we promised to continue to enhance our proposition even further. And now within just six months we have come up with another great proposition that’s first of its kind in the market. This is not only a mortgage - it’s a three-in-one solution: a mortgage, an investment, and an investment management service package.

With our Home Purchase Loan, we will finance up to 70% (studios) and 60% (villas and penthouses) of the full purchase price of the condos. With the units starting at a sale price of TZS 456m ($179,000) for the studio units and going up to TZS 1.04b ($410,000) for the villas, it means that customers can capitalize on the revised maximum Home Purchase Loan size which is now at TZS 1 billion to finance their investment.

With the flexible payment term of up to 25 years which translates to lower monthly instalments, coupled with affordable interest rates and higher debt service ratio that goes up to 55% if a customer takes the Absa credit card as well, the Absa Home Purchase Loan is indeed the most fitting solution to capitalize on this once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in a a 5-star luxury condo resort.

On his concluding remarks, Mr. Obedi Laiser, the bank’s Managing Director, said “These kinds of deals are the embodiment of our brand purpose – Empowering Africa’s tomorrow, together …one story at a time. At Absa Bank Tanzania, we are truly committed to empowering Tanzanians, and this is why we are constantly coming up with new solutions and investment opportunities that are geared towards helping our customers grow their investments and accumulate real wealth.

This opportunity is open to both resident and non-resident Tanzanians, which means that even our relatives in the diaspora can also benefit from our home loan and capitalize on this great investment opportunity while continuing with their work abroad. As such, I’m calling for all Tanzanians who qualify for a mortgage, whether banking with us or not, to reach out to us and we will help you achieve your investment goals.


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