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  • CRDB Bank Share up 16PC in three weeks

    CRDB bank share price has made an abrupt U-turn after appreciating by 16 per cent in the last three weeks.

  • TIB slashes losses, bad loans up!

    TIB Development Bank has considerably reduced its net loss 17 times to 582m/- in this year quarter two (Q2) after cutting expenses.

  • MALINZI blesses TFF elections

    THE ousted Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) President Jamal Malinzi has expressed gratitude to the government, sponsors and football stakeholders in the country for their massive support.

  • Barrick, government talks next week

    BARRICK Gold will begin discussions with the government on the concentrate export ban and other issues next week

Friday, August 27, 2021



Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Taasisi ya Jenga Hub ambae pia ni Miss Tanzania wa zamani Nancy Sumari (kushoto), wakitiliana saini na Taasisi isiyokuwa ya kiserikali ya Kids Finance na Tracy zilizoanzishwa na msichana wa miaka 11, Tracy Rabi, kwaajili ya makubaliano ya kufanya kazi pamoja yenye lengo la kuwasaidia watoto wa Kitanzania namna bora yamatumizi ya fedha na ujasiliamali wengine pichani ni Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Programu ya Mipango Lilian Makoi, Mwanzilishi wa program ya Natokaje kidigitali Gertrude Mligo, hafla hiyo imefanyika jijini Dar es Salaam.

Dar es Salaam | Taasisi isiyokuwa ya kiserikali ya Kids Finance na Tracy, zilianzishwa na msichana wa miaka 11, Tracy Rabi ambaye leo ametia saini mkataba wa makubaliano na Miss Tanzania wa zamani na mwanzilishi wa Jenga Hub, Nancy Sumari, kwa ajili ya ushirikiano wa kufanya kazi pamoja kwa kuwapa elimu ya kisasa watoto wa Kitanzania juu ya ujasiriamali nan a matumizi mazuri ya fedha.

Ushirikiano huo pia umejumuisha Natokaje Kidigitali, iliyoanzishwa na Getrude Mligo. Natokaje Kidigitali imekuwa ikijihusisha na watoto wenye umri wa kuanzia miaka 8 hadi 17 kwa kushirikiana na mfanyabiashara aliyepata mafanikio makubwa Mohammed Dewji na wakongwe kama Gillsant Mlaseko.

Wamekuwa wakiwapa watoto fursa ya kujifunza kutoka kwa watu wenye vipaji nchini.Nancy alisema kuwa amekuwa akiendesha taasisi yake kwa mafanikio makubwa katika kipindi cha zaidi ya miaka mitatu sasa na kuwasaidia kujifunza masuala mbalimbali ya kibiashara yanayokwenda sambamba na teknolojia ya kisasa.

Msichana mwenye umri wa miaka 11, Tracy Rabi, sio tu anaandika vitabu vya kifedha na ujasiriamali kwa watoto lakini pia alianzisha Maonyesho ya Uzoefu wa Ujasiriamali kwa Vijana wa Tanzania ambayo hukusanya pamoja watoto wenye miradi ya ujasiriamali ili kuonyesha na kuuza bidhaa zao kwa watoto wengine, kama njia ya watoto ya kujaribu na kujifunza ujuzi wa ujasiriamali tangu wakiwa na umri mdogo.

Taaisi hizi tatu zimeungana pamoja ili kutoa fursa ya aina yake kwa watoto wa Tanzania kuongeza nafasi ya kujifunza ujasiriamali na kuja kuwa wafanyabiashara wakubwa nchini.

Hii pia inakwenda sambamba na lengo la Serikali la kuhakikisha kuwa kizazi kijacho kinapata teknolojia na vifaa muhimu vya kisasa ili kuendanana na kasi ya teknolojia. Kuboresha upatikanaji wa teknolojia ni moja ambayo ni ajenda kuu ndani ya sekta ya mawasiliano haswa, kwa njia ambazo zinafaidisha vizazi vipya.

Kampeni hiyo inayoitwa Children Bootcamp, imeanzishwa mwaka huu ambapo inatarajia kusaidia watoto zaidi ya 200 kutoka katika maeneo mbalimbali ya Tanzania.

Ninaamini kwamba sio mapema kwa vijana kuanza kujifunza kuhusu biashara na fedha kama watoto, tunatumia zaidi ya miaka 16 shuleni kupata ujuzi wa kutusaidia kupata pesa, ni muhimu watoto wawezeshwe kupata pesa, kuweka pesa na ujuzi wa kukuza pesa, kuwasaidia kuepukana na umaskini au mitego ya madeni inayosababishwa na ukosefu wa elimu ya kifedha,” alisema Tracy Rabi.

Watoto wanatakiwa kuelewa hatua za awali za kuhifadhi fedha, thamani ya fedha, kuanzisha biashara na kujua mbinu za kuendesha biashara ambazo ni hatua muhimu kwa haki za binadamu,” alisema Rabi.

Tunafurahi pia tutakuwa na program za watoto na zinazopatikana Tracy Kids Finance ambaye zinaonyesha kuwa hata watoto wadogo wanaweza kupata ujuzi na kuwajengea mazingira ya kuwa wafanyabiashara wenye mafanikio. Ujuzi upo wa unapatikana katika ulimwengu tunaoishi kwa njia ya za kidijitali,” aliongeza.

Nancy Sumari aliongeza “Tumejipanga kuleta mapinduzi katika kuwajengea uwezo watoto kwenye vitengo vifuatavyo:

● Elimu ya Fedha
● Elimu ya Kidijitali
● Ujasiriamali

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Vodafone renews its relationship with Workplace to build bridges in a hybrid world


Workplace will continue to help Vodafone bridge the distance between 90,000+ employees over the next 3 years.

While many businesses struggled to find ways to keep their people connected during one of the most disruptive times in recent history, Vodafone already had a secret weapon that helped it thrive in times of extreme uncertainty.

Thanks to the company's 2019 adoption of Workplace, Vodafone maintained a sense of connection and engagement among its global workforce. Not only that, it experienced growth in employee-led initiatives, campaigns and communities, as people rallied together.

Making it easy to connect people

Nurturing what was built during that unprecedented time now remains top of mind for 2021 and beyond, according to Vodafone CTO Johan Wibergh. “More than 90,000 of our employees worldwide use Workplace to keep in touch. With many of them currently working remotely, Workplace has become an invaluable central resource for us to connect with one another, stage live events, share information and collaborate on projects to help our customers. Above all, it is intuitive and accessible so our people can feel part of an inclusive community.

The last 18 months have certainly seen Vodafone make the most out of engagement and community-building features like Workplace Live and Groups. As a result, its global base of employees has been able to hold two-way conversations with leadership while also helping leaders be more transparent when communicating across the entire organization.

Building bridges

This sense of community and connection has had an enormously positive impact on employees staying connected during the pandemic, according to Vodafone’s Social Media and Channels Lead, Patrick Yui.

Thanks to Workplace, a significant number of employees have come to feel closer to one another now more than ever before - despite the physical distance that has kept them apart. For Vodafone, Workplace has been a game-changer during a time when people haven’t been able to meet physically.

We embarked on a series of activities under a banner called ‘Stay Connected with Nick’,” says Yiu of the company’s efforts to keep its people connected. “We have regular sessions and conversations about all areas of the business with our CEO, in conversation with other Vodafone employees and executives.

These interactive sessions also enable employees to comment and ask questions through Workplace. That level of direct access for any global employee is something that Vodafone didn’t capitalize on before.

Inspiring a common purpose

Vodafone also made full use of Workplace to help support employees’ mental health. In addition to live events timed to coincide with Mental Health Awareness week, Workplace was also used to drive participation in pulse surveys that gauged employee sentiment.

The platform helped Vodafone in asking people how they feel about working from home or if they had enough support on mental health and general wellbeing. Survey results were then converted into easy-to-consume graphics and posted on Workplace to give people an authentic feel for what their colleagues were saying and experiencing.

Putting the spotlight on Vodafone’s work with charities and good causes went a long way in boosting morale for the entire organization during the pandemic, too.

Connecting essential services like hospitals and schools is what Vodafone does every day. Vodafone used Workplace to inspire a sense of pride among employees by shedding light on minority voices from the Black Professional Network and LGBTQ+ communities and highlighting its work supporting communities through issues such as domestic violence or relief and assistance for countries experiencing natural disasters.

Adopting a ‘future-ready’ approach

Eighteen months into the pandemic, Vodafone is now looking at a "future-ready" approach to how, where and when people work. And Workplace is set to play an essential role in that strategy - whatever shape it may take. In particular, they plan to continue Live video to broadcast events that can engage employees in a mix of physical and virtual environments. By doing so, people can stay connected wherever they’re working.

Vodafone also wants to use the power of video to create a series of virtual office tours. By recording a series of walkthroughs at various offices and posting them in specific Workplace Groups, employees can experience what it will be like to be back in the work environment after an extended break. What's changed at the reception? What are the new security measures? And people can ask questions and share more details in the comments for everyone to see.

Whatever the future holds, Vodafone's goal remains the same - cultivating a thriving workforce that's informed, engaged and connected across the globe. And we're excited to watch how Workplace can help make that happen.

Julien Codorniou, VP, Workplace said: “Vodafone is a company that lives and breathes its future ready concept. By connecting its employees across the world with Workplace, Vodafone has maintained community during the pandemic while preparing for a new world of work. We are excited to continue powering Vodafone’s community through this renewal.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Facebook Marketplace Rolls Out to 37 Countries & Territories Across Sub-Saharan Africa


August, 24 2021 - Facebook today announced the launch of Marketplace to 37 countries and territories in Sub-Saharan Africa, including: Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Comoros, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Eritrea, Eswatini, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Lesotho, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Namibia, Niger, Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Western Sahara and Zimbabwe.

Currently available in South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria, Marketplace is a convenient destination where people can discover, buy and sell items from others in their local communities, simply by tapping on the Marketplace icon or visiting www.facebook.com/marketplace to browse and search for items, or filter by distance or category.

Commenting on the launch, Facebook Director of Public Policy Africa Kojo Boakye said, “Increasing the availability of Marketplace to 37 more countries and territories in Sub-Saharan Africa reinforces our ongoing commitment to helping connect communities and support buying and selling through one simple online destination. As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to impact people and businesses, the expansion of Marketplace will provide more people with a convenient destination where they can discover new products, shop for things they want, or find buyers for the things they want to sell.

Discovering things on Facebook Marketplace is simple. To get there, people can look for the Marketplace icon in the Facebook app or visit facebook.com/marketplace. They will be able to browse listings that interest them and filter them by distance or category. They can also use the search box to find exactly what they are looking for.

Listing an item for sale is just as easy as browsing for one on Marketplace. Sellers can share a photo of an item, enter a product name, description and price, confirm their location and select a category. They can also choose to post their listings to Facebook Buy and Sell Groups. Interested buyers will find the item they are looking for and message the sellers directly through Messenger. They can decide on the payment method depending on their own preferences.

Commerce Policy: Items, products or services sold on Facebook must comply with our Community Standards, as well as our Commerce Policies. Sellers are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

Choose Your Preferred Payment Method: Buyers and sellers may offer or accept cash, Cash on Delivery (COD) or person-to-person (P2P) payments. If you choose to pay electronically using bank transfer or money order solutions, avoid payment links and log in directly through the payment method's website. Keep in mind that personal checks or bank drafts can be counterfeit.

Meeting in person: If you're meeting someone in person, we recommend arranging your meeting in a public, well-lit area. If you choose to meet at someone’s home, consider bringing another person with you or share your meeting plan with friends or family.

Facebook advises all buyers and sellers to follow local guidelines to stay safe and help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Buyers and sellers can find tips on how to use Marketplace responsibly and access the Help Center for more information.



23 Agosti, 2021 – DAR ES SALAAM.

Waziri mwenye dhamana ya Viwanda na Biashara Mhe. Prof Kitila Mkumbo (Mb) ametangaza fursa za uwekezaji katika Viwanda 20 vilivyokuwa vimebinafsishwa na kurejeshwa Serikalini.

Mkumbo ameyasema hayo wakati wa Mkutano na Waandishi wa Habari kuhusu fursa za kuwekeza katika Viwanda vilivyobinafsishwa na kurejeshwa Serikalini leo tarehe 23 Agosti 2021 katika ukumbi wa Shirika la Viwango Tanzania (TBS) jijini Dar es salaam.

Akiongea na Waandishi hao, Prof. Mkumbo amefafanua kuwa Serikali ilifanya tathimini mwaka 2017 katika Viwanda 156 vilivyobinafsishwa  tangu mwaka 1990 na kubaini kuwa Viwanda 88 vinafanya kazi kwa kuzingatia matakwa ya mikataba husika na  Viwanda 68 vilikuwa havifanyi kazi kwa mujibu wa mikataba husika.

Akiendelea kufafanua zaidi, Prof. Mkumbo amesema Serikali ipo katika hatua ya kurudisha Viwanda 48 kati ya Viwanda 68 visivyofanya kazi kwa mujibu wa mikataba husika kwa hatua zingine za uwekezaji ambapo hadi sasa Viwanda 20 havina mgogoro wa kisheria na viko katika hatua ya uwekezaji.

Prof. Mkumbo pia amefafanua utaratibu wa kuwekeza katika Viwanda hivyo 20  kwa kuvigawa Viwanda 10 kwa wawekezaji kutoka Sekta binafsi ili waviendeleze,  Viwanda  nane (8) vimekabidhiwa kwa Mamlaka ya Maeneo ya Uzalishaji wa Mauzo ya Nje EPZA kwa ajili ya wawekezaji katika maeneo hayo na Viwanda viwili (2) vitakabidhiwa mashirika ya umma ili waviendeleze kwa kuingia ubia na wawekezaji wa sekta binafsi.

Viwanda 10 vitakavyokabidhiwa kwa Sekta Binafsi  kwa ajili ya uwekezaji ni pamoja na  Kiwanda cha Kilimanjaro Paddy Hauling kilichopo Kilimanjaro, Polysacks Company Ltd kilichopo Dar es salaam, NMC Isaka Rice Mill Company Limited kilichopo Shinyanga na  Multpurpose Oil seed Processing Co.ltd (MOPROCO). Alitaja Prof. Mkumbo.

Vingine vilivyotajwa  na Prof. Mkumbo ni pamoja na CDA Intergrated Concrete Industry Kilichopo Dodoma, Manawa Generies Ltd kilichopo Mwanza, NMC Tabora Rice Mill kilichopo Tabora, Musoma Textikes Mills kilichopo Musoma, NMC Mzizima Maize Mill kilichopo Dar es salaam na Pesticides Manufacturers limited  - Moshi kilichopo Kilimanjaro.

Viwanda nane (8) vinavyokabidhiwa kwa EPZA ni pamoja na Mwanza Tanneries kilichopo Mwanza, TPL Shinyanga Meat Plant kilichopo Shinyanga, Mafuta Ilulu kilichopo Lindi, Nachingwea Cashewnut kilichopo Lindi, TPL Mbeya kilichopo Mbeya,  Sikh Sawmill Limited kilichopo Tanga  na National Steel Corporation kilichopo Dar es salaam. Alitaja Prof. Mkumbo.

Prof Mkumbo pia alibainisha Viwanda viwili (2) vitakavyokabidhiwa Mashirika ya Umma ni pamoja na Mag’ula Mechanical MachineTolls kilichopo Mororgoro kitakabidhiwa kwa Shirika la Maendeleo la Taifa (NDC) na Mbeya Ceramics Co. Ltd kitakabidhiwa kwa  Shirika la Kuhudumia Viwanda vidogo (SIDO).  

Aidha amesema  Wawekezaji wenye nia  na uwezo wa kuwekeeza katika Viwanda hivyo wawasilishe maombi yao Ofisi ya Katibu Mkuu Wizara ya Viwanda na Biashara ambapo zoezi la kuwapata wawekezaji litafanyika kwa uwazi na ushindani na taratibu za maombi hayo zitatolewa katika vyombo vya habari.

Wakati huohuo, Prof Mkumbo amesema kuwa Wizara ya Viwanda na Biashara kwa kushirikiana Ofisi Taifa ya Takwimu (NBS) imekamilisha utafiti wa awali wa kutathimini ya maendeleo ya viwanda nchini  ambapo kwa sasa Tanzania ina viwanda 80,969 kati ya hivyo  Viwanda Vidogo sana vevye uwezo wa kuajili mtu 1 - 4 na mtaji usiozidi milioni tano (5), ni 60,463, Vidogo  vyenye uwezo wa kuajiri  watu 5 hadi 49 na mtaji  wa milioni tano (5) hadi milioni 200 ni 17, 267,  vya Kati venye uwezo wa kuajiri watu 50 hadi 99 na mtaji wa milioni200 hadi milioni 800 ni  684  na Vikubwa vyenye uwezo wa kuajiriwatu 100 na zaidi na mtajizaidi ya milioni 800 ni 618.

Vievile, wakati wa Mkutano huo Prof Mkumbo alisema Taasisi ya Uhandisi na Usanifu Mitambo Tanzania (TEMDO) limebuni mitambo midogo itakayotumika kuzalisha sukari kwa wakulima wadogo katika mikoa yenye uwezo wa kulima miwa ya sukari ili kukabiliana na tatizo la upungufu wa sukari nchini. 

Kwa upande wake Mkurugenzi wa TEMDO Prof. Fredrick Kahimba amesema  utengenezaji wa mitambo hiyo yenye uwezo wa kuchakata tani 10 za miwa na kuzalisha tani 1 ya sukari aina ya “brown sugar’  utakamilika kabla ya mwezi Disemba 2021 na kuanza kutumika kabla yam waka wa Fedha 2021/22 kuisha.

Kutokana na ubunifu huo, Prof. Kahimba amewasihi wakulima wadogo katika mikoa yenye mabonde yanayoweza kulimwa miwa ya sukari kulima na kuungana ili kuanzisha Viwanda vidogo vya kuzalisha sukali katika maeneo yao.


Saturday, August 21, 2021



Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Wateja Binafsi wa Benki ya Taifa ya Biashara NBC  Elibariki Masuke (wanne kulia), akikabidhi msaada wa vifaa vya ujenzi vikiwemo mabati 240, mifuko 120 ya saruji na kilo 30 za misumari ya bati kwa Mkurugenzi wa Halmashauri ya Mji wa Mbinga Bi, Grace  Quintine kwaajili ya kusaidia ujenzi wa madarasa 20 katika Shule ya Msingi Nazareth iliyopo Wilaya na Mbinga Mkoani Ruvuma wengine pichani ni maofisa wa Benki ya NBC  pamoja na viongozi wengine kutoka Serikalini na Uongozi wa Kamati ya shule hiyo hafla ya makabidhiano hayo ya vifaa hivyo vya ujenzi
Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Wateja Binafsi wa Benki ya Taifa ya Biashara NBC  Elibariki Masuke (wanne kulia), akikabidhi msaada wa vifaa vya ujenzi vikiwemo mabati 240, mifuko 120 ya saruji na kilo 30 za misumari ya bati kwa Mkurugenzi wa Halmashauri ya Mji wa Mbinga Bi, Grace  Quintine kwaajili ya kusaidia ujenzi wa madarasa 20 katika Shule ya Msingi Nazareth iliyopo Wilaya na Mbinga Mkoani Ruvuma wengine pichani ni maofisa wa Benki ya NBC  pamoja na viongozi wengine kutoka Serikalini na Uongozi wa Kamati ya shule hiyo hafla ya makabidhiano hayo ya vifaa hivyo vya ujenzi

Benki ya Taifa ya Biashara imekabidhi mabati 240, mifuko 120 ya saruji na kilo 30 za misumari ya bati mkoani Ruvuma kwa dhamira ya kuunga mkono serikali katika juhudi zake za kuendeleza elimu kupitia ujenzi wa madarasa. 

Msaada huo ulitolewa kwa Shule ya Msingi Nazareth iliyopo Wilaya ya Mbinga mkoani Ruvuma na kupokelewa na Mkurugenzi wa Halmashauri ya mji huo, Grace  Quintine.

Pamoja ya kuishukuru Benki ya NBC wakati akipokea msaada huo, Mkurugenzi wa Halmashauri ya Mji wa Mbinga, Grace  Quintine amesema kuwa kuna upungufu wa madarasa katika shule hiyo na wilaya nzima kwa ujimla hali inayopelekea kuwa na msongamano madarasani.

“Serikali pamoja na wazazi tutaongeza nguvu kwenye ujenzi wa madarasa 20 ambayo yatakamilisha lengo la kuwa na jumla ya vyumba 30 vya madarasa pamoja na ofisi.” Amesema Grace.

Aidha Mkuu wa Shule ya Msingi ya Nazareth, Mwalimu Anitha Agustino Mbungo amesema kwamba jitihada za ujenzi zilianza mwaka 2020 kwa ushirikiano baina ya wazazi, kamati ya shule na uongozi wa kata lakini kushindwa kukamilisha ujenzi wa madarasa hayo kutokana na changamoto za kifedha.

“Uhaba wa madarasa ni mkubwa sana na muda mwengine hupelekea wanafunzi hadi 200 kutumia chumba kimoja hivyo naomba taasisi zingine kuiga mfano wa Benki ya NBC kwa kuchangia katika ujenzi wa madarasa ili kuendelea kuboresha elimu nchini.” Amesema Mbungo.

Akiongea baada ya kukabidhi msaada huo, Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Wateja Binafsi wa Benki ya Taifa ya Biashara NBC, Elibariki Masuke aliwasihi wanafunzi wa shule hiyo kuendelea kusoma kwa bidii na kushikilia wanayofunzwa walimu ili kuja kuwa viongozi wakubwa nchi hapo baadaye.

Aidha Masuke pia amewapongeza wazazi na uongozi wa shule kwa jitihada zao za kuchangia na kuanza ujenzi wa madarasa shuleni hapo.

“Benki yetu na NBC ni mdau mkubwa wa  elimu, kwa kawaida kila mwaka tunatenga fungu kutoka katika faida yetu kwa ajili ya kurudisha katika jamii na tunaipa elimu kipaumbele. Kuwekeza kwenye  kwani tukiwa kama benki elimu inatusiaida kupata wateja na wafanyakazi wa benki yetu wa baadaye. Tutaendelea kuchangia na kuunga mkono juhudi za serikali katika kuboresha elimu kwa kadri tunavyoweza na tunaahidi kwamba huu si mwisho.” Ameongeza Masuke



Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Songea, Pololet Komando (wa nne kushoto), pamoja na Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Wateja Binafsi wa Benki ya Taifa ya Biashara NBC,  Elibariki Masuke (wa tatu kulia), akimuwakilisha Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Benki hiyo,  Theobald Sabi wakifungua bango kuashiria uzinduzi rasmi wa ufunguzi wa Klabu ya Bishara Mkoani Songea wenye lengo la kuwakutanisha wateja wake wafanyabiashara na wenye viwanda na wadau wengine. Kutoka kushoto ni Meneja wa Benki ya NBC Tawi la Songea, Simon Simon Ntwale,
Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Songea, Pololet Komando pamoja na maofisa wa Benki ya NBC na wateja wake wakipiga makofi mara baada ya uzinduzi wa Klabu ya Biashara iliyozinduliwa na Benki ya NBC Mkoani Songea.
Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Songea, Pololet Komando pamoja na maofisa wa Benki ya NBC na wateja wake wakiserebuka mara baada ya uzinduzi wa Klabu ya Biashara iliyozinduliwa na Benki ya NBC Mkoani Songea.

Benki ya Taifa ya Biashara imezindua NBC Biashara Club, Mkoa wa Ruvuma katika hafla ya uzinduzi ilifanyika katika hoteli ya Heritage Cottage Wilaya ya Songea na kuhudhuriwa na wadau mbali mbali akiwemo Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Songea, DC Pololet Komando ambaye pia alikuwa mgeni rasmi kwa niaba ya Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Ruvuma, RC John Ibuge.

NBC Biashara Club ni sehemu ya mkakati mpana wa benki hiyo wa kuwainua wajasiriamali kwa kuwajengea uwezo wa kibiashara kupitia semina za mafunzo, kuwasogezea huduma za kibenki, kuwajengea mitandao ya kibiashara pamoja na kuwapa mbinu za kurasimisha biashara zao ili waweze kukopesheka. Jitihada hizi za Benki ya NBC zinaonekana kuzaa matunda kwani benki hiyo ilifanikiwa kuzindua klabu ya biashara kwa Mkoa wa Kigoma miezi michache iliyopita.

Zaidi ya kutoa mafunzo kwa wafanyabiashara, NBC Biashara Club pia inatoa fursa ya kuwakutanisha wanachama wake na watoa huduma mbali mbali katika sekta ya biashara zikiwemo taasisi za serikali kama TRA ili kujadili na kutatua changamoto na kupata mafunzo zaidi kwenye masuala ya kodi, uagizaji malighafi na bidhaa kwenda na kutoka nje.

Uzinduzi wa NBC Biashara Club mkoani Ruvuma unakuja siku chache baada ya benki hiyo kuanzisha huduma ya NBC Wakala Plus wilayani Mbinga. Benki hiyo pia iliendesha semina za mafunzo kwa makundi mbali mbali ya wajasiriamali wilayani humo kwa dhumuni la kuwajengea uwezo katika kuendesha biashara. Pamoja na semina kwa wajasiriamali benki ya NBC kupitia huduma ya NBC Shambani, ilikutana na viongozi na wanachama wa vyama vya ushirika (AMCOS) Mkoani Ruvuma ili kujadili fursa zinazotokana na kushirikiana kwa sekta za kilimo ya kibenki.

Benki ya NBC kupitia klabu yake ya biashara pia iliandaa semina maalum kwajili ya wajasiriamali wanawake wa Wilaya ya Songea ambapo pia walitoa mafunzo na kupata fursa ya kutambulisha huduma zake za kibenki na kuwaelimisha wajasirimali hao juu ya faida na manufaa ya huduma hizo.

Akizungumza katika hafla hiyo ya uzinduzi, mgeni rasmi na Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Songea, DC Pololet Komando aliwahikishia wafanyabiashara wa Ruvuma kuwa Benki ya NBC ni benki kongwe nchini ambayo inaelewa changamoto na mahitaji ya wafanyabiashara. DC Sololet pia aliipongeza benki hiyo kwa kutoa elimu kwa wajasiriamali wa mkoa huku akiwasihi kutumia fursa za mikopo inayotolewa na Benki ya NBC kukuza biashara. zao.

“Tunawapongeza kwa kufunga safari kuja kuonana na wananchi wa Ruvuma ambao ni wafanyabiashara na wakulima wa mazao ya chakula na biashara, huu ni uthibitisho kwamba benki yen uinathamini wateja wake.” Alisema DC Pololet

Aidha kwa upande wake, Mkurugenzi wa Kitengo cha Wateja Binafsi wa Benki ya Taifa ya Biashara NBC,Nd ElibarikiMasuke alisema kamba mafanikio makubwa ya klabu ya biashara ya NBC yametokana na ushikiano kutoka kwa serikali kupitia taasisi zaidi ya 15 zikiwemo TRA, BRELA, SIDOna TABWA. Ushirikiano ambao umesaidia benki hiyo kufikia dhumuni la kuongeza ukaribu baina ya Benki ya NBC na wateja wake kupitia na mafunzo ya ujasiriamali.

“Mpaka sasa tumeweza kufungua NBC Biashara Club katika mikoa ya Dodoma, Arusha, Mbeya, Moshi, Morogoro, Singida Kahama, Lindi, Mtwara, Masasi, Tanga , Kigoma, Dar es Salaam na leo tunazindua hapa Songea. Kupitia jukwaa la NBC Biashara Club, wafanyabiashara zaidi ya 6,300 wamenufaikana mafunzo tunayotoa na safari za kibiashara kwenda nje ya nchi.” Alisema Nd Elibariki.

Aidha Nd Elibariki alisema kwamba pamoja na changamoto ya gonjwa la Uviko-1, benki hiyo ina azma ya kufikia mikoa yote ya Tanzania hivyo benki hiyo inachukua tahadhari zote za kujikinga na gonjwa hilo wanapoendesha makongamano na wajasiriamali.

Thursday, August 19, 2021


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Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Biashara wa  Akiba Commercial Bank  Webster Kaunga (kulia) akikata utepe kuashiria uzinduzi rasmi wa  benki hiyo ilipozindua huduma za Akiba Wakala katika Tawi la Makao Makuu barabara ya Ohio jijini Dar es Salaam jana wengine pichani n  Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Masoko na Mawasiliano wa Akiba Commercial Benki PLC (ACB), Dora Siria na  Mkuu wa Kitengo cha mikopo wa Benki hiyo Charles Kamoto.


Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Biashara wa Akiba Commercial Bank Webster Kaunga na Mkuu wa Kitengo cha mikopo wa Benki hiyo  Charles Kamoto Mkuu wa Kitongo cha Mikopo wakufunua kitambaa mara baada ya uzinduzi huo.


Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Masoko na Mawasiliano Akiba Commercial Bank Dora Saria  amesema benki hiyo imeanzisha huduma ya Wakala ijulikanayo kwa jina la Akiba Wakala.

Huduma hii itawasaidia wateja wa benki hiyo kupata huduma kwa urahisi zaidi popote pale walipo kupitia mtandao mpana wa huduma za Wakala unaopatikana nchi nzima.

Dora Saria ameyasema hayo wakati wa uzinduzi wa huduma hiyo kwenye tawi la benki hiyo ililopo baeabaea ya Ohio mkabala nahoteli ya Serena jijini Dar es salaam jana.

Amesema Mteja anaweza kupata huduma ya kutoa na kuweka fedha mahali popote penye tangazo la Akiba Wakala Kupitia huduma hii tutawafikia Watanzania wengi popote pale walipo na wataweza kunufaika na huduma zetu.

Pia ameongeza kuwa kwamba, kupitia huduma hii ya Akiba Wakala Benki watakuwa washiriki wazuri katika kuunga mkono harakati za Serikali za kuhakikisha uwepo wa huduma jumuishi za kifedha yaani (Financial inclusion) kwa Watanzania wote.

Tumeingia sokoni na jumla ya Wakala wapatao 200 na lengo letu ni kuendelea kuongeza Wakala wengi kadri iwezekanavyo kwa lengo la kukidhi kiu ya upatikana wa huduma za Akiba nchi nzima, kwa urahisi na ukaribu kwa kumfata mteja popote alipo au kwa urahisi waweza kusema pasipo na ulazima kwa kufika tawini.

Aidha, Benki itaendelea kuboresha huduma hizi za Akiba Wakala kwa kuhakikisha upatikana wa mahitaji mengi ya kibenki kadri iwezekanavyo kwa Wakala wetu kwa lengo la kuleta urahisi na huduma zaidi kwa wananchi kama tulivyoainisha kwenye kauli mbiu ya huduma hii ya Akiba Wakala ambayo inasema Huduma Zaidi.

“Tunategemea kutoa huduma za kufungua akaunti na nyinginezo nyingi hapo mbeleni. Vile vile Benki imeanzisha mkakati rasmi wa kuhakikisha kuingia rasmi katika mfumo wa kidigitali katika mchakato wa kutoa huduma.”. Amesema Dora Saria

Mfumo huu utaendelea kuleta unafuu na kuokoa gharama za upatikananji wa huduma zetu.Pia tunazo huduma za Akiba Mobile, ambazo zinawawezesha wateja wetu kupata mahitaji mbali mbali ya Kibenki na mengineyo mathalani kununua LUKU, ving’amuzi, muda wa maongezi pamoja na malipo yote ya Serikali kupitia simu zao za mikononi.

Ameongeza kuwa wateja wote wa Benki ya Akiba wanaomiliki akaunti binafsi wanakuwa wameunganishwa na huduma hii na wanaweza kufanya miamala popote pale walipo. Huduma ya Akiba Mobile inaptikana kupitia mfumo wa USSD na App kwa wale wanoatumia simu janja.

Pia huduma ya Akiba Mobile inamuwezesha mteja kufanya miamala yake ya kibenki kupitia Akiba Wakala vile vile.Kabla ya hitimisho naomba pia niwadokeze ndugu wnahabari kuwa Benki ya Akiba inatoa huduma nyingine nyingi za Amana, Mikopo, kuuza na kununua float, kutuma na kupokea fedha kupitia Western Union n.k.

Ametoa rai kwa Watanzania wote watembelee matawi yetu yote pamoja na Akiba Wakala kwa ajili ya kuhudumiwa na ufafanuzi.Kwa kumalizia, ikumbukwe kwamba benki yetu imepata mwekezaji wa kimkakati, ambaye ni National Bank of Malawi (NBM).

Ni imani yetu kwamba ubia huu utasaidia kupanua wigo wetu wa kibiashara ikizingatiwa NBM ni moja ya benki kubwa kwenye ukanda wetu wa nchi kusini mwa Afrika.

Vile vile, tutaendelea kuboresha na kuanzisha huduma nyingi zikiwemo za kidijitali na hizi za Akiba Wakala imezinduliwa rasmi na tunawakaribisha Wateja wetu wote watumie huduma hiyo kwa mahitaji yako kibenki na wakumbuke kuwa hawana ulazima wa kufika matawini kwa ajili ya kuweka na kutoa fedha kwenye Akaunti zao, kufanya marejesho ya mikop


Thursday, August 5, 2021



Tanzania Commercial Bank (TCB) has upgraded its internet banking service to uniquely new heights in the market by fully integrating the digital finance solution with all national payment systems.


Its Chief Executive Officer Sabasaba Moshingi said the revolutionary development is unrivalled in the industry and has been developed internally at no cost.


“The TCB Internet Banking solution was developed in-house at zero cost by our ICT experts and its edge over other online banking services is being fully integrated with all national payment systems,” Mr Moshingi said yesterday at its launch in Dar es Salaam.


“If we had bought its off shelf that would have cost us between US$300,000 and US$500,000,” he noted highlighting its cost effectiveness since those prices translate to about TSh 695.7 million and almost TSh1.16 billion respectively.


According to him, the investment in the new service is part of TCB strategic plan to continue offering quality banking solutions that meet changing market demands. Mr Moshing said the service upgrading move also seeks to enhance the bank’s commercial clout and its competitiveness in the market.


The digital development has impressed government, which said TCB Internet Banking will add a lot of value to national payment systems.


Gracing the inauguration of the fast and affordable online banking service, Treasury Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Tutuba said its convenience and reliability are worth the investment.


Mr Tutuba commended TCB for investing in the highly secure proposition that facilitates local and international transfers as well as easing transactions such as bulk processing of funds as well as government and utility payments.


“I have been impressed to hear that this digital service channel is also connected to the MUSE system in order to simplify payments for government institutions without necessarily having to visit banks,” he noted.


MUSE is the government payment system that is a key aspect of the e-government initiative, which promotes the use of ICT for improving public service delivery.




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