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  • CRDB Bank Share up 16PC in three weeks

    CRDB bank share price has made an abrupt U-turn after appreciating by 16 per cent in the last three weeks.

  • TIB slashes losses, bad loans up!

    TIB Development Bank has considerably reduced its net loss 17 times to 582m/- in this year quarter two (Q2) after cutting expenses.

  • MALINZI blesses TFF elections

    THE ousted Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) President Jamal Malinzi has expressed gratitude to the government, sponsors and football stakeholders in the country for their massive support.

  • Barrick, government talks next week

    BARRICK Gold will begin discussions with the government on the concentrate export ban and other issues next week

Friday, November 29, 2019

Barclays Bank hosts its Zanzibar customers to a thanks-giving cocktail event

Barclays Bank’s Managing Director, Abdi Mohamed (on the right) in conversation with a client during the cocktail event.
Barclays Bank’s Finance Director, Obedi Solomon Laiser (in the middle) engaging with clients during the cocktail event.
Barclays Bank’s Human Resource Director, Patrick Foya (right) engaging with customers during the cocktail event.
Barclays Bank’s Chairman, Simon Mponji (left) and Dr Suleiman Rashid Mohamed (extreme right) in conversation with clients during the cocktail event.
Barclays Bank’s Corporate Director, Brian Kalero (Right) in conversation with clients during the cocktail event.

Barclays Bank Tanzania Limited (BBT) on Tuesday, 26th of November hosted its Zanzibar customers to a cocktail event. The event was not only a platform to appreciate the continued support of its customers but was also used to provide an opportunity for clients to join BBT in its transition journey and be informed of the expected milestones as the Bank prepares to rebrand into Absa.

Speaking during the event, the bank’s Managing Director, Mr. Abdi Mohamed said, “Our brand and name change to Absa is proceeding as planned. We have taken a sequenced approach and expect some branches to reflect several elements of the new brand in the first half of December, while some branches will retain the current look.  The intention is to take our customers and the public with us through the transformation journey visually.  We will however continue to operate and trade as Barclays Bank Tanzania Limited until our name officially changes, as approved by the Regulator.” 

Speaking on the bank’s commitment to Tanzania, Mr. Mohamed said, “Barclays is committed to serving its customers and we are proud of the momentum we have built over the past 3 years. Our commitment to our clients has been demonstrated in the successful execution of key financing transactions amounting to TZS 529bn, across sectors such as Oil & Gas, Public Sector, Manufacturing and Agriculture. In addition, our non-funded strategy and focus has been reaffirmed by The Asian Banker 2019 recognition of BBT as the best ‘Cash Management Bank in Tanzania’.

Responding to a question on whether customers can have the same confidence in Absa as they had in Barclays, the bank’s Head of Retail Banking, Mr. Oscar Mwamfwagasi said ”Absa Group is committed to building on Barclays' heritage in Africa and the strengths that we already have on the continent. We have a deep history and local knowledge in Tanzania. Our main products and services haven’t changed. Our customers can bank with us as confidently as they always have. 

You can bank with us as safely as you always have. Absa Group is one of the largest banking groups in Africa, with a balance sheet of more than USD 91 billion, as well as new systems with robust security provisions. ”

In conclusion, Mr. Mwamfwagasi; called for clients to remain vigilant, saying “We will not ask any customer for additional information during this time, and all customer account details will remain the same before and after the transition.”


Thursday, November 28, 2019

Wafanyakazi wa Benki ya NBC wajitolea damu kusaidia wenye mahitaji

Ofisa Fedha Mkuu wa Benki ya Taifa ya Biashara (NBC), Waziri Barnabas (katikati), akihojiwa na waandishi wa habari, Dar es Salaam leo, wakati yeye na mwenzake, Fanuel Jenga (kushoto), wakijitolea damu katika zoezi lililoandaliwa na benki hiyo kwa wafanyakazi wake kujitolea damu kusaidia wenye mahitaji kupitia Mpango wa Taifa wa Damu Salama.
Ofisa Fedha Mkuu wa Benki ya Taifa ya Biashara (NBC), Waziri Barnabas (kulia), pamoja na Mhasibu wa benki hiyo, Fanuel Jenga (kulia kwake) wakichukuliwa vipimo vya damu kabla ya kujitolea damu jijini Dar es Salaam leo, katika zoezi liloandaliwa na benki hiyo kwa wafanyakazi wake pamoja na wakazi wengine wa jiji hilo kusaidia wenye mahitaji kupitia Mpango wa Taifa wa Damu Salama. Kushoto ni Evelyn Dielly kutoka Mpango wa Taifa wa Damu Salama.
Baadhi ya wafanyakazi wa Benki ya Taifa ya Biashara (NBC) wakijitolea damu katika zoezi liloandaliwa na benki hiyo kwa wafanyakazi wake pamoja na wakazi wengine wa Jiji la Dar es Salaam leo kujitolea damu kusaidia wenye mahitaji kupitia Mpango wa Taifa wa Damu Salama.
Mkazi wa Chalinze, Joshua Mjuni akijitolea damu katika zoezi liloandaliwa na NBC kwa wafanyakazi wake pamoja na wananchi wengine leo, kujitolea damu kusaidia wenye mahitaji kupitia Mpango wa Taifa wa Damu Salama. Anayemhudumia ni muuguzi kutoka Damu Salama, Peter Chami.
Ofisa Uhamasishaji wa Mpango  wa Taifa wa Damu Salama, Fatuma Mjungu, akihojiwa na waandishi wa habari katika zoezi la uchangiaji damu wa hiari lililkoandaliwa na Benki ya NBC jijini Dar es Salaam leo.

Mwandishi Wetu, Dar es Salaam

Watanzania wamehimizwa kushiriki zoezi la kuchangia damu kwa hiari ili kukidhi mahitaji makubwa ya damu na kuokoa maisha ya wenzao pamoja na kusaidia huduma za afya nchini.

Hayo yamesemwa jana jijini Dar es Salaam na Ofisa Fedha Mkuu wa Benki ya Taifa ya Biashara (NBC) Waziri Barnabas akizungumza kwa niaba ya Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Bbenki hiyo, Theobald  Sabi wakati wa tukio la kuchangia damu kwa hiari lililondaliwa na NBC akisema kwamba huo ni utamaduni wa benki hiyo wa kuchangia damu kwa kujitolea.

Alisisitiza kwamba ni muhimu kwa watanzania kuanza kujitokeza na kujitolea damu kwa hiari ili kuendelea kuokoa maisha ya wenye mahitaji.

 "Hii ni mara ya tatu kwa benki hii na wafanyakazi wake kushiriki kwenye kampeni ya uchangiaji damu ili kuokoa maisha ya wakinamama wanaojifungua, waliopata ajali na watu wengine wenye mahitaji ya damu nchini,” aliongeza.

 Barnabas aliongeza kwamba kwamba mahitaji ya damu bado yapo juu kwenye mahospitali hasa kwenye upasuaji na bado mwamko upo chini kwa wananchi kama uchangiaji wa damu kwa hiari.

"Ni muhimu sana kwa watanzania wenzetu kuungana nasi katika shughuli ya kujitolea ya kuchangia damu ambayo inatarajiwa kumalizika kesho,” alisema.

Alisema kwamba kwenye shughuli hiyo wanatarajia kukusanya takriban chupa 100 kutoka kwa wafanyakazi wa benki hiyo na watu wengine kutoka maeneo mbalimbali ya jiji ili kupunguza mahitaji makubwa ya damu nchini na alisisitiza kuwa kampeni hiyo inapaswa kuwa endelevu kukidhi matarajio ya nchini.

Kwa upande wake, Kaimu Ofisa Rasilimali watu wa benki hiyo, Grace Mgondah alisema kwamba wanatarajia  wafanyakazi 500 kutoka kwenye matawi mbalimbali watashiriki katika zoezi hilo la siku mbili ya kujitolea damu kwa hiari.

"Hii ni sehemu ya huduma kwa jamii ambayo benki yetu ya NBC inasikia fahari kuwahudumia na ninatoa wito kwa watanzania wenzetu kujitokeza kwa wingi kuja kutuunga mkono,” alisisitiza.

Fatuma Mjungu kutoka Kitengo cha Taifa cha Damu Salama (NBTS) alisema kwamba mwaka huu wanatarajia kukusanya chupa 450,000 za damu kutoka kwenye taasisi mbalimbali na watu wanaojitolea kwa hiari.

"Mahitaji ya damu kwa sasa nchini ni chupa 520,000 lakini asilimia moja tu ya watanzania wote wakichangia damu tunaweza kukidhi mahitaji ya damu kwa taifa,” aliongeza

Mjungu pia ametoa wito kwa taasisi na makampuni nchini kuinga mkono benki hiyo ya NBC kwa kuhamasisha wafanyakazi wake na wananchi wengine kwa ujumla kujitolea damu kwa ajili ya watu wenye uhitaji.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Emirates offers a sneak peek inside its Expo 2020 pavilion

Holographic aircraft, personalised aviation journeys, futuristic fuselages, and exciting interactive experiences await Expo 2020 visitors 

DUBAI, UAE, 18 November 2019: With just under one year to go until Expo 2020 Dubai, billed as "the world's greatest show", Emirates airline is lifting the lid on the futuristic, interactive technologies and experiences in store for visitors at its Expo 2020 pavilion.

Emirates has been working with academics and its industry partners in aviation and aerospace, to create and carefully curate informative and thought-provoking experiences on the future of aviation for all Expo 2020 Dubai visitors.

Emirates begun construction of its pavilion earlier this year. With the foundations completed, the airline is currently finalising the building's steel structure.

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive, Emirates Airline & Group said: "The Emirates Expo 2020 Pavilion offers a preview for the future of commercial aviation in 2071, exploring the outer boundaries of science and technology as we look forward to the next 50 years of air travel. 

The concepts we're showcasing aim to inspire and inform visitors of the many revolutionary and sustainability-driven breakthroughs that the commercial aviation industry has achieved and continues to develop. The interactive experiences will allow visitors to experiment with advanced airframes, propulsion systems, futuristic fuselages, and ultramodern composite materials.

 Much like Expo 2020 Dubai itself, Emirates Pavilion visitors will leave with a sense that the spirit of creativity, innovation and technological progress will help us leap into a better future."

Here are some of the experiences in store for visitors to the Emirates Pavilion, offering a glimpse into how air travel is shaping up in the next decades:

A personalised journey

Each visitor beings their personalised journey by collecting a 'seed', a tactile sphere to unlock all of the experiences at the Emirates Pavilion. As they move through the site, visitors will interact with various installations covering different aspects of future aviation. These interactions will be captured on the 'seed' and stored for playback in the final experience to ensure that each visitor experience is unique.

The science of flight

Animations using holographic models of futuristic aircraft will bring to life aeronautical science and explain how aircraft achieve flight by visualising the physical properties of lift, thrust, gravity and drag. Visitors will be able to interact with the scientific narrative to demonstrate how the combination of low air pressure and wing shape creates lift, which when fused with the other elements enables flight.

Cleaner skies

Introducing more renewable and sustainable solutions into aviation is a significant industry priority to ensure cleaner and quieter skies. The Cleaner Skies installation at the Emirates Pavilion is an immersive experience that highlights key sustainability issues in the context of passenger growth and technological advancements, as well as promising innovations. Visitors will be invited to take a quiz to learn more about future technologies in aviation that are being developed to tackle climate change.

Future lab

What will make aircraft of the future lighter, faster, and stronger? Visitors will step into the laboratory of the future to test technologies and loop through a series of experiments carried out by robotic arms. Visitors will get to deep dive into experiments with composite  materials, 4D printing, biomimetics, generative design and self-healing materials.

Thrust and propulsion

Visitors will explore future engines and fuels through transparent animated screens and motion graphics featuring realistic aircraft engine models. The futurist engine concepts will showcase different technologies such as hypersonic, hydrogen, hybrid and electric – and demonstrate how they impact emissions, sustainability, comfort and speed.

Design your perfect aircraft

As the personalised experience continues, visitors will be invited to put their knowledge into practice to design and fly their own futuristic aircraft. Through an ultra-haptic interface, visitors will build their aircraft and run it through a flight simulator. Large holographic screens will provide instant feedback on their design decisions throughout the process. Visitors will get to design their aircraft based on range, type of engine, wings, and livery, so they can finally take it on a 'test flight' which will test its sustainability, speed, range and passenger comfort.

Airport of the future

Emirates will also visualise the airport of the future for visitors to learn how biometrics, data analytics and smart technologies will transform the passenger experience on the ground. Frictionless customs and security systems, innovation in baggage handling, and electric powered transportation and smart waste management systems will all be explored in detail.

Experience your tomorrow

Visitors will be able to fully immerse themselves through interactive Virtual Reality headsets that allows them to explore aircraft interior cabins of the future. As they settle into their seats they can navigate the virtual fuselage's interactive windows, a full windowless state, inflight communication system, noise cancelling sound shrouds, automated trolleys, as well as views of different types of cabins and seating configurations.

Seeding the future

As each visitor returns their seeds for uploading, the full Emirates Pavilion experience will culminate in a 360° multi-sensory film which combines dynamic storytelling and stunning 3D motions graphics with visitor information that is captured during the tour to deliver a personalised and memorable end to the journey.

Taking place from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021, Expo 2020 Dubai has been already dubbed the 'world's greatest show', promising an abundance of unique experiences at 192 country pavilions that celebrate the many advancements in our world and inspire the future; as well as a jam-packed entertainment programme with daily live events, music and cultural festivals, culinary experiences, inspiring talks and workshops and much more.

Rula Tadros 

Emirates Public Relations 


Launches airline industry’s first dedicated shopping channel, EmiratesRED TV

Dubai, UAE, 26 November 2019 – Emirates has reinvented its inflight retail offering by launching EmiratesRED. The new collection offers customers on board not only a wide selection of duty and tax free products, but also the ability to purchase unique experiences in Dubai and beyond, as well as products from Emirates Official Store. The revamped offering has been welcomed by customers as the airline has seen a 23% increase in sales since its launch a month ago.

EmiratesRED TV

In what is considered a first for the airline industry, Emirates has also introduced a dedicated shopping channel on its award-winning inflight entertainment system, ice, called EmiratesRED TV. The shopping channel, hosted by Andi Peters, introduces some of the experts behind the products available to purchase on board. This includes interviews with Roja Dove, founder and creator of Roja Parfums; Julien Levy, co-founder of Dr. Levy Switzerland; and David Crisp, CEO of Boadicea the Victorious.

The EmiratesRED catalogue – RED stands for Retail, Experiences & Dubai - was launched on October 1st and is packed with over 150 products at attractive prices, and features some of the world's most desirable brands and the latest must-haves. The revamped catalogue also offers unique and hard-to-find products, rivalling some of the most exclusive department stores worldwide. This includes brands exclusive to Emirates airline, such as scents from Boadicea the Victorious and premium skincare brand, Sea Buck Switzerland.

EmiratesRED's new offering saw revenue in the first month increase 23%, while average sales per customer rose by 10%. One of the most popular products sold on board are the Apple Airpods and EmiratesRED now also offers Apple's newly launched- Powerbeats Pro.

One of the biggest shifts in Emirates' inflight retail strategy is to offer experiences to passengers, helping them plan their visit to Dubai and beyond more effectively. Customers can get exclusive deals to Dubai Parks & Resorts, which features three theme parks Bollywood Parks™ Dubai, MOTIONGATE™ Dubai, as well as the region's first LEGOLAND® Park and LEGOLAND® Water Park; IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai; Dubai Rugby 7s and the Emirates Aviation Experience in London. Onboard purchases continue to give customers benefits as an EmiratesRED receipt can be used to enjoy discounted rates at Le Clos, where onboard wines from the Emirates Vintage Collection can be purchased, or at select food & beverage outlets at Dubai International Airport.

The products currently available in EmiratesRED include global perfume launches from Carolina Herrera Bad Boy and Good Girl Glorious Gold, Yves Saint Laurent, Libre, Lancôme Idôle, Guerlain Mon Guerlain Intense and Dolce & Gabbana K.

Emirates merchandise including aircraft models and playing cards from the Emirates official store can also be found on board. In the lead up to Christmas, customers travelling from the 19-23 December can enjoy a 20% discount when spending over USD$200 on EmiratesRED purchases.

For more information, visit www.emirates.com/dutyfree

Manna Talib 

Emirates Public Relations 


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Liquid Telecom announces direct land-based fibre link connecting East to West Africa via DRC

New High-capacity digital corridor from East to West Africa, across Liquid Telecom’s ‘One Africa’ Broadband Networktovastly improve transcontinental communication

Dar es Salaam, November 19, 2019] - Leading pan-African telecoms group Liquid Telecom has launched the fastest direct land-based fibre link connecting East to West Africa. This breakthrough coast-to-coast digital corridor follows the completion of Liquid Telecom’s new high-capacity fibre link running 2,600-kilometre (km) across the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). 

This expansion connects millions of DRC citizens and thousands of businesses to Liquid Telecom’s ‘One Africa’ broadband network linking the African continent to the rest of the world. This will help to create a foundation for social mobility, economic diversification and private sector-led growth both in the DRC and more widely across Africa. It also underscores the company’s commitment to bring high-speed connectivity to every African on the continent.

Until recently, no direct, land-based fibre network existed between East and West Africa. Network traffic between Kinshasa in the DRC and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, for example, was routed via London. Liquid Telecom’s East to West fibre link promises significantly reduced latency between major continents via Africa. It also meets the growing demand from global enterprises for fast, reliable, high-capacity and cost-effective communication across the southern hemisphere. 

This new extension connects the DRC to neighbouring Tanzania and Zambia with onward connectivity to Liquid Telecom’s ‘One Africa’broadband network fast approaching 70,000km. It is central to the company’s vision to create a single fibre network spanning the entire African continent - North to South and East to West. 

 “Liquid Telecom has connected East to West Africa with the most direct digital corridor across the southern hemisphere. We have set a new benchmark and achieved a historic milestone in our vision to create a more connected Africa,” said Nic Rudnick, Group CEO, Liquid Telecom. “By linking the DRC to Liquid Telecom’s rapidly expanding pan-African fibre network and the rest of the world, this transformative infrastructure is creating a foundation for digital growth. Fast, reliable broadband connectivity will advance society, fuel innovation and help champion pan-Africa trade.” 

Sound infrastructure development has the potential to transform the prosperity and livelihood of the DRC population. In Kinshasa alone, for example, some of the city’s 11 million population will no longer have to rely solely on mobile broadband – they will have access to high-speed, reliable internet directly into their homes. Similar outcomes will be available in other DRC cities along the route – collectively comprising approximately 5 million citizens.

“What Africa has been lacking until now was a direct east to west telecommunications backbone. Liquid Telecom has achieved what African states and organisations have been contemplating for years without success. It deployed a high-capacity fibre optic backbone connecting subsea cables on the East Coast of Africa with cables on the West Coast of Africa. By doing this, it not only considerably shortened the communications route between East and West Africa and contributed to keeping the traffic local, it also laid the groundwork for connecting millions of Africa’s citizens (especially in the DRC) to the internet and the world. This is a significant milestone in continued expansion of modern telecommunications infrastructure across the African continent, supporting governments’ policies aimed at closing the digital divide within their countries and ultimately ensuring ubiquitous connectivity.” Said Dobek Pater
Director at Africa Analysis.

“Bringing major continents closer together via the most direct fibre link connecting East to West Africa via DRC is history in the making,” said Nic Rudnick.“In 2018 Liquid Telecom launched a direct land-based fibre link between Cape Town and Cairo and in July this year, we started work on connecting South Sudan to the rest of the continent. By connecting East to West Africa via DRC with a direct land-based fibre link, more African cities, more communities and more businesses will have access to reliable and faster internet connections than ever, and many for the first time. This will bring proven economic and social benefits throughout the country, including vastly improved healthcare, education, social welfare and trade as we continue to expand Liquid Telecom’s ‘One Africa’ Broadband Network.” 

Liquid Telecom’s latest fibre expansionconnects the company’s network on the Atlantic coast at Muanda in the DRC, via Liquid Telecom’s international subsea cable partners. It then runs directly East to Kinshasa and through the DRC onto Lubumbashi in the South, connecting with other cities in between, including Kikwit, Kananga and Kolwezi. The link then crosses the DRC border into Zambia, integrating there with Liquid Telecom’s existing and rapidly expanding pan-African terrestrial fibre network. 

About Liquid Telecom
Liquid Telecom is a leading communications solutions provider across 13 countries primarily in Eastern, Southern and South Africa that serves mobile operators, carriers, enterprise, media and content companies and retail customers with high-speed, reliable connectivity, hosting and co-location and digital services. It has built Africa’s largest independent fibre network, approaching 70,000km, and operates state-of-the-art data centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Nairobi, with a combined potential 19,000 square metres of rack space and 78 MW of power. This is in addition to offering leading cloud-based services, such as Microsoft Office365 and Microsoft Azure across our fibre footprint. Through this combined offering Liquid Telecom is enhancing customers’ experience on their digital journey. In October 2019, Liquid Telecom was recognised as ‘The Best African Wholesale Carrier’ for the 8th consecutive year at the Global Carrier Awards. www.liquidtelecom.com

Media contact
Tariq Ahmed, Liquid Telecom, Head of Corporate Communications>M: +44(0)7598 390 111  E:tariq.ahmed@liquidtelecom.com


Monday, November 18, 2019


Balozi wa Kampuni ya VISA ambepia ni Msanii anaeunda kundu la Navy Kenzo Aika Marealle (kushoto) akiwa na moja ya wateja wanatumia kadi ya VISA kufanya malipo wakati wa uzinduzi wa kampeni inayoitwa  'Sherekea na Visa' ambayo imezinduliwa jijini Dar es Salaam
 Wafanyakazi wa Kampuni ya Visa wakipiga picha na Mteja wakati wa uzinduzi huo
Wasanii wa muziki wa kizazi kipya Bongo fleve wanaounda kundi la NAVY KENZO Emmanuel Mkono pamoja na Aika Marealle ambao ni Mabalozi wa Visa,  wakipiga picha na mmoja ya wateja anetumia Visa kufanya manunuzi.

KAMPUNI ya Teknolojia ya malipo ulimwenguni(VISA) imezindua kampeni katika msimu huu wa sikukuu Watanzania wenye kadi ya  VISA wataweza kufanya malipo yao ya manunuzi bila kutumia fedha taslimu ambapo pia watakaofanya manunuzi watapata zawadi mbalimbali .

Kampeni hiyo imezinduliwa jijini Dar es Salaam na Kampuni ya VISA imewahimiza wanunuaji bidhaa katika Jiji hilo kwenda katika maduka makubwa kwa ajili ya kufanya manunuzi katika msimu huu wa sikukuu.

Akizungumza kuhusu kampeni hiyo, Meneja wa VISA nchini Tanzania Olever Njoroge amesema itaendelea hadi Desemba 22 mwaka huu ambapo wateja ambao watafanya malipo kwa kutumia kadi ya VISA na VISA kwenye simu ya mkononi  watapata nafasi ya kushinda zawadi mbalimbali.

Amesema kampeni hiyo ambayo wameizundua kwa ajili ya wateja wenye Kadi za VISA ina malengo  ya kuhamasisha utumiaji wa kadi ya VISA au VISA kwenye simu wakati wa manunuzi katika maduka ya Mliman City Mall, Shoppers Masaki na Shopers Mikochoni.

"Kampeni hii ina malengo ya kukuza utumiaji wa kadi ya VISA na VISA kwenye simu ya mkononi, Tunawahamiza wateja wetu wa Tanzania kufanya malipo kwa njia ya Visa ambapo itawapa urahisi na usalama kipindi cha manunuzi wakati huu wa Krismasi,"amesema Njoroge.

Ameongeza kuwa wanaileta VISA kwa Watanzania wakizingatia faida katika kufanya manunuzi yao kwa kutumia kadi ya VISA au VISA kwenye simu ya mkononi ma kwamba wanajivua kwamba sasa Watanzania wapo huru kutumia njia mpya za malipo bila kuwa na fedha mkononi.

Amefafanua kuwa kampeni hiyo ya Krismasi na VISA itawapa wanunuzi  fursa ya kuchagua Zawadi za aina gani kumpatia mteja wao kwa njia rahisi na salama wanaponunua bidhaa kwenye Mall.

Amesema mapema mwaka huu VISA kwa kushirikiana na benki 15 za Tanzania wazilizindua VISA kwa njia ya simu ya mkononi ."VISA kwa kushirikiana kwa njia ya simu ya mkononi ni suluhisho la malipo ya dijiti ambayo inaruhusu watumiaji kutumia fedha kwa kila mmoja bila kulipa ada ya ununuzi. 

"Kutumia huduma hiyo ,mtu anapaswa kupakua app ya benki yake, atafute VISA kwenye app na alipe  bidhaa na huduma kwa kuiscan code ya QR au kwa kutumia nambari ya USSD,"amesema huku akielezea wazi Watanzania wengi wamekuwa na muamko mkubwa wa kutumia VISA kufanya malipo katika manunuzi mbalimbali.

About Visa Inc.
Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) is the world’s leader in digital payments. Our mission is to connect the world through the most innovative, reliable and secure payment network - enabling individuals, businesses and economies to thrive. Our advanced global processing network, VisaNet, provides secure and reliable payments around the world, and is capable of handling more than 65,000 transaction messages a second. The company’s relentless focus on innovation is a catalyst for the rapid growth of digital commerce on any device for everyone, everywhere. As the world moves from analog to digital, Visa is applying our brand, products, people, network and scale to reshape the future of commerce. For more information, visit  About Visa,visa.com/blog and @VisaNews.

For media queries, contact:
Emily Kaiga
Visa Corporate Communications

Myoma Kapya
Hill+ Knowlton Strategies


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Wateja watano wajishindia bodaboda na Ibuka Kidedea na NBC Malengo

Meneja Masoko wa Benki ya Taifa ya Biashara (NBC), Alina Maria Kimaryo (wa pili kushoto), akizungumza na waandishi wa habari, Dar es Salaam leo wakati NBC ikichezesha droo ya kwanza ya kampeni ya akaunti ya Malengo ambapo wateja watano walijishindia zawadi ya bodaboda kila mmoja.  Wengine pichani ni maofisa wa benki hiyo na kulia kabisa ni mwakilishi kutoka Bodi ya Michezo ya Kubahatisha.
Meneja Masoko wa Benki ya Taifa ya Biashara (NBC), Alina Maria Kimaryo (mbele kulia), akizungumza jijini Dar es Salaam leo wakati NBC ikichezesha droo ya kwanza ya kampeni ya akaunti ya Malengo ya NBC ambapo wateja watano walijishindia zawadi ya pikipiki aina ya Yamaha kila mmoja.  Washindi wa leo ni; Augustine Hatari kutoka Pwani, Williumu Pendaeli Isack wa Moshi, Scholastica Peter Yamawasa, Honest Christopher Kimaro na Daudi Majani wote kutoka Dar es Salaam.

Na Mwandishi Wetu, Dar es Salaam,

WATEJA Watano wa Benki ya Taifa ya Biashara (NBC) wameibuka washindi wa bodaboda mpya aina ya Yamaha katika droo ya kwanza ya kampeni ya “IBUKA KIDEDEA NA NBC” kupitia akaunti ya Malengo ya benki hiyo kongwe hapa nchini.

Akizungumza na waandishi wa habari jana jijini Dar es Salaam kwenye droo ya kwanza ya kampeni hiyo iliyoanza mwezi wa Oktoba, Meneja Masoko wa benki hiyo, Alina Maria Kimaryo alisema kwamba akaunti ya malengo inampa mteja njia rahisi ya kuweka akiba kidogo na kupata faida kubwa kila mwezi.

“kwenye akaunti hii ya malengo kila Tsh 100,000 atakayoweka mteja kwenye akaunti hii inampa nafasi ya kushida zawadi kemkem ikiwemo bodaboda ambapo leo droo ya kwanza itashuhudia wateja hawa watano wakipata zawadi zao,” alisema Kimaryo.

Aliongeza kwamba katika kipindi chote cha kampeni bodaboda tano aina ya Yamaha zitatolewa kila mwezi na safari tatu za kwenda kufanya utalii Serengeti na safari tano za kwenda Seychelles mwezi wa Disemba na washindi wanaruhusiwa kwenda na mtu mmoja kwenye safari hizo.

“ukiwa na akaunti ya NBC malengo unapata faida nyingi ikiwemo ya kuhifadhi fedha kwa ajili ya kutimiza malengo na ndoto zako pamoja na mambo mengine ya kupata riba ya hadi asilimia 7 ya pesa uliyoweka kila mwezi,’ alisisitiza Kimaryo.

Washindi kwenye droo ya jana walikuwa ni Augustine Hatari kutoka Pwani, Daudi Majani, Dar es Salaam, Williumu Pendaeli Isack, Moshi Kibololoni, Scholastica Peter Yamawasa, Dar es Salaam, na Honest Christopher Kimaro wa Dar es Salaam.

Katika kampeni hii wateja watakao ongeza salio kwa kiasi Tsh milioni moja kwenye akaunti ya Malengo watapata nafasi ya kushinda zawadi kuu ya TOYO na jumla ya TOYO tatu zitatolewa kwenye kampeni hiyo ya “IBUKA KIDEDEA NA NBC MALENGO”.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Jubilee Insurance yawakumbuka watoto wenye mahitaji maalumu

Daktari kutoka Kampuni ya Bima ya Jubilee Insurance, Dk. Romana Malikusema (kushoto) na Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Huduma kwa Wateja wa kanpuni hiyo, Dk. Maria Janja (kulia), wakimpima macho mmoja wa watoto wanaolelewa katika kituo cha kulea watoto yatima cha Umra Orphange Centre, Kulwa Erasto kituoni hapo Yombo Buza, Temeke, Dar es Salaam jana katikahafla ambayo Jubilee Insurance walipima afya watoto hao wakichukua vipimo kama vile malaria, wingi wa damu, uchunguzi wa meno pamoja na macho ikiwa ni sehemu ya majukumu yao ya  kusaidia jamii.
Meneja Mawasiliano wa Kampuni ya Bima ya Jubilee, Angela Tungaraza (kulia) akimsaidia kupata vipimo vya damu mmoja wa watoto wa kituo cha kulela watoto yatima cha Umra Orphange Centre, Hassani Hijja katikahafla ambayo Jubilee Insurance walipima afya watoto hao wakichukua vipimo kama vile malaria, wingi wa damu, uchunguzi wa meno pamoja na macho ikiwa ni sehemu ya majukumu yao ya kusaidia jamii. Kushoto ni Mhudumu wa Afya wa Kampuni hiyo, Salha Mtinge.
Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Huduma kwa wateja wa Kampuni hiyo, Dk. Maria Janja (kulia), akimsaidia kupata vipimo vya macho mmoja wa watoto wa kituo cha Kulea watoto yatima cha Umra Orphange Centre, Hassani katikahafla ambayo Jubilee Insurance walipima afya watoto hao wakichukua vipimo kama vile malaria, wingi wa damu, uchunguzi wa meno pamoja na macho ikiwa ni sehemu ya majukumu yao ya kusaidia jamii.. Kushoto ni daktari wa kampuni hiyo, Dk. Romana Malikusema.
Meneja Mawasiliano wa Kampuni ya Bima ya Jubilee, Angela Tungaraza (katikati) akimsaidia kupata vipimo vya damu mmoja wa watoto wa kituo cha Kulea watoto yatima cha Valentine Childrens Home, Christina Lucas katika hafla ambayo Jubilee Insurance walipima afya watoto hao wakichukua vipimo kama vile malaria, wingi wa damu, uchunguzi wa meno pamoja na macho ikiwa ni sehemu ya majukumu yao ya  kusaidia jamii. Kushoto ni Muhudumu wa Afya wa Kampuni hiyo, Salha Mtinge.
Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Huduma kwa wateja wa Kampuni ya Bima ya Jubilee, Dk. Maria Janja (Kulia), akimsaidia kupata vipimo vya macho mmoja wa watoto wa kituo cha Kulea watoto yatima cha Valentine Childrens Home, Maria Mateo katikahafla ambayo Jubilee Insurance walipima afya watoto hao wakichukua vipimo kama vile malaria, wingi wa damu, uchunguzi wa meno pamoja na macho ikiwa ni sehemu ya majukumu yao ya kusaidia jamii.. Kushoto ni Daktari wa Kampuni hiyo, Dk. Romana Malikusema.


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