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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Scania Tanzania Commits to Support Education

Scania Tanzania focus on sustainability in the community
·         Scania Tanzania to support Vingunguti primary school for three years to start

Dar es Salaam, 29th March, 2019 –Scania Tanzania has today committed to support Vingunguti primary school to improve their learning environment for three years. The declaration went together with handing over to the school two classes that were renovated by Scania Tanzania. The support to the school will motivate teachers and students in start-up extra-curricular activities or projects that focus on sustainability, eg sustainability clubs, proper cleaning and waste management etc

Sustainability to Scania is of vital importance and is the core of our contribution to society by delivering sustainable transport solutions and by improving customer profitability and community, and it does not end there.

“For Scania, doing the right things and doing things right is key. We can achieve a sustainable transport system and a responsible business by contributing to economic and social development without jeopardising human health and safety or endangering the environment, we have chosen to begin by contributing towards education. Children are our future leaders and through them they will learn about safety and ways to prevent endangerment for the environment’,said Mr. Marek Rucinski Director at Scania Tanzania.

Today’s young generation possesses vigour, awareness and creativity which provides them with greater potential to become future sustainability leaders. To inspire and support their growth in sustainability, Scania Tanzania is planning to call on primary schools across the country to share their ideas on ways to save the environment.

Our aim is to nurture tomorrow’s sustainability leaders today with a long-term goal to continue building awareness on sustainability. What better way than to support the ideas of the young people who are already setting the global trends and are aware of the need to address how we interact with the environment.

Speaking during the handover, Ms. EliaveraTimoth, Marketing Manager of Scania Tanzania said, “we are going to teach studentshow to control water in the school and waste collection. We are going to build a well in the near future, so that we can teach them how to use water in a clean way.  This will encourage hygiene in the school and promote safety.”

During the handover, Mr Calist Chuwa the headmaster of the school said “We are very grateful for what Scania Tanzania have done. We have had so many challenges when it comes to the environment which our students have to study in. The renovated classrooms will allow the children to concentrate more and we shall work with the team at Scania Tanzania to initiate the extra-curricular programs to improve the sustainability in our country. 

Speaking at the handover Head Master Mr Chuwa said we are truly happy to receive the two classrooms that has been renovated by Scania, we appreciate this as state of the classrooms was poor and caused the students not to concentrate well whilst in class. We look forward to this partnership with Scania and promise to teach our children the importance of sustainability.

The world population currently faces challenges about climate and resources. This will have a tremendous impact on future generations which is why we should begin to change the ways in which we view our industries and lifestyles. One way of doing so is by facilitating the growth and to nurture young students to master sustainability.



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