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Monday, November 20, 2017


Virtual Advocate Chief Executive Officer, Nzaro Kachenje (centre), addresses participants during the official launch of Virtual Advocate online document solutions application in Dar es Salaam yesterday. With him are, Virtual account manager, Asha Bura (right) and application’s administrator, Francis Lusinde. Application is said to cut down document processing time and operational costs by over 90 percent. 

Dar es Salaam, Saturday, November 18, 2017

‘Virtual Advocate’ is a revolutionary document solution platform that allows users to transform their frequently used documents and forms into intelligent templates, enabling super-fast production of tailor-made documents, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Departments such as legal, credit, human resources, sales and the like, whether in bank, real estate, insurance companies or education providers, can leverage from the myriad of benefits of the new platform.

By streamlining the documentation process, Virtual Advocate guarantees improved productivity by cutting down document processing time and operational costs by over 90 percent. The system reduces the need for multiple editing and dependency on lawyers and thus reduces costs and time spent.

Speaking to journalists, the CEO of Virtual Advocate, Mr Nzaro Kachenje, said that they found the existing traditional processes of drafting, monitoring and managing documents to be unnecessarily time consuming, costly, stressful and prone to errors. To counter this, they endeavored and succeeded to integrate modern technologies into the day-to-day documentation process to produce a robust, one stop center for most documentation needs, which they branded ‘Virtual Advocate’.

Pointing out a few key features of the system, Mr Kachenje said that the system has a dynamic dashboard, enabling quick real-time view of all activities in the system; a bulk document generation feature for the generation of similar documents to multiple addressees at once; a simplified user management module to control accesses of different users; a customer management module where all customer records are stored and easily accessible; and also security alerts to ensure no duplication of information in the system, which is best suited for Banks, as it would prompt the user if the Customer and/or the property pledged as security already exists in the system.

Virtual Advocate also offers complimentary support services such as round-the-clock customer service, training and consultancy to its clients.

Speaking on the novelty of the system, Mr Kachenje said that the system is first of its kind in East and Central Africa; and noted that they intend to export their revolutionary system to international markets, as their research has revealed a need for the product in all neighboring countries. He expressed jubilation to have pioneered such a technology that would put Tanzania in the limelight of innovation.



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