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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Russia and Tanzania to create joint environmental projects


President of the Russian-Tanzanian Friendship Society, Mr Yuri Korobov (Left) speaks to African Diaspora Society President, Dr Zunebe Kinfu Tafesse (Right) during recent talks held in Russia to discuss Tanzania's participation in joint environmental projects.

Russia and Tanzania to create joint environmental projects

Dar es Salaam, June 2nd, 2021 – The Russian Society of Friendship that was formed in Russia by public figures and entrepreneurs will join forces with Tanzania to promote environmental and humanitarian projects at the international level.

The head of the Organisation, a member of the Russian Geographical Society Yuri Korobov said "Firstly, we plan to work on environmental projects. This is in both Russia and Tanzania, the problem of mass deforestation is the most acute. Because of the low cost, Tanzania is deforesting widespread rainforests, which are already few on the planet.

Tanzania is faced with a number of environmental problems. Resources are being

depleted, with major developmental and environmental implications. The major

environmental problems facing Tanzania are land degradation, lack of accessible, good

quality water for urban and rural inhabitants, environmental pollution, loss of wildlife

habitats and biological diversity, deterioration of aquatic systems and deforestation.


The Russian Society of Friendship plans on working with organisations in Tanzania such as The National Environmental Management Council (NEMC) which has the responsibility of advising the government on all matters related to the environment.


Korobov looked at other problems that are affecting the environment of which the society also plans on addressing in Tanzania. 


·         Looking at abandoned mines, which are not properly preserved after mining, releasing harmful chemical gases that lead to soil degradation,

·         Mass deforestation

·         Environmental pollution


“All of the above problems can be leveled at the expense of existing technologies in Russia. That's why we plan to conduct mutual training and exchange of specialists - environmentalists, engineers, chemists and volunteers," Korobov said.

The Russian Friendship Society and Tanzania are expected to sign their first agreement with the Tanzanian Friendship Society at the end of June 2021. As part of the agreement, the parties will create a business council, which will include members of the public and entrepreneurs.


"Together we will work together and implement an understanding of how projects should be implemented on the ground, so that everywhere, even in commercial projects, in which we will participate as consultants and give information support, there is an environmental focus," Korobov said.

In addition, the organization plans to implement a number of other projects. Among them are the creation of a platform of economic cooperation between the business of Tanzania and Russia, the holding of an economic forum with the theme of mutual investment attractiveness, the preparation of educational programs for students and young people of Russia and Tanzania, cooperation in the development of the agricultural sector of both countries, as well as the implementation of safe cognitive tourism programs, cultural exchange.

The Society of Friendship with Tanzania was established in Russia in April 2021 by an initiative group of public figures and entrepreneurs to promote environmental and humanitarian projects at the international level.

In 2019, Sochi hosted the first Russia-Africa economic summit, which resulted in a declaration containing the goals and objectives of further development of Russian-African cooperation in the fields of politics, security, economy, scientific, technical and cultural and humanitarian spheres. The second Russia-Africa summit is scheduled for 2022.

We look forward to a fruitful friendship between Russia and Tanzania towards an environmentally friendly country and continued partnership.



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