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Monday, November 1, 2021


Absa Bank Tanzania Managing Director, Abdi Mohamed.

The Absa Bank Tanzania Managing Director, Abdi Mohamed on behalf of the Board, the Management and all employees of Absa Bank Tanzania, is honored to take the opportunity to say “Thank you” to the bank's customers and partners for their continued loyalty and support.

The MD said, as they emerge from the post Covid 19 era, he would like to reiterate the bank's commitment to bringing value to customers in line with the theme of the recently completed Customer Service Month, namely “Power of Service.

“Through a collective experience, we have all discovered a new strength, resilience and, technological advancements to render us a better business for you our customers and partners.

Today I would like to acknowledge the strength of our team, to each employee who has tirelessly worked and harnessed their energy and skills to meet the needs of our Customers and partners- “Thank you”. The wellbeing, health and safety of our employees and customers remain our top priority as we continue to focus on placing this at the center of all we do now and in the future.

To our customers, we continue to provide you the best products and services to ensure we play an integral part in your lifestyles as we respond to your needs according to the changing times. As part of our commitment to you we have invested in multiple feedback mechanisms to obtain real-time results that provide key insights into areas of improvement. We thank you for the positive reception of these solutions and value your feedback”, said Mr Mohamed.

The Absa Bank Tanzania Managing Director noted that, they had maintained strong working relations with their regulatory partners, ensuring compliance to all regulations, a set-up that has facilitated them as bankers to continue to provide the best services during and beyond the pandemic.

This was cumulated by our recent award of Award of Best Financial Institution in using ICT - “Tuzo ya Taasisi ya kifedha bora katika kutumia tehama” by the Ministry of Information, Communication and Information Technology. We thank our regulatory partners for the utmost support, commitment, solidarity, and guidance given to ensure we continue to provide continual exceptional service to all our customers.

As we continue to focus on building long-term banking relationships with you, we thank you for being part of our Banks growth and we value your support and continued trust in us , which remains the true foundation of our Success. We are extremely honored to serve you today and in the future”, added Mr Mohamed.


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