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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Government still committed to review labour laws


Minister of State Prime Minister's Office Policy, Parliament, Labour, Youth, and the Disabled Hon. Jenista Mhagama (MB), addresses invited guests during the congratulations and farewell party to outgoing Executive Director and CEO of the  Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) Dr. Aggrey Mlimuka, who has completed his term of office in the organization, at the event organized by the Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) at the Serena Hotel in Dar es Salaam yesterday.02

The outgoing Executive Director and CEO of Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) Dr. Aggrey Mlimuka, speakwhile bidding farewell to the association’s staff and various stakeholders upon completing his term of service in the organization, on the occasion officiated by the Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office Policy, Parliament, Labor, Youth, and the Disabled Hon . Jenista Mhagama.The event was organized by the Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) at the Serena Hotel in Dar es Salaam yesterday.
Minister of State Prime Minister's Office Policy, Parliament, Labor, Youth, and the Disabled Hon. Jenista Mhagama (MB) (left), presenta gift to outgoing Executive Director and CEO of Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) Dr. Aggrey Mlimuka, offered by the association during the ceremony to congratulate and bid him farewell immediately after completing his term of service in the organization. To the left are the Chairman of the Board of ATE, Ms. Jayne Nyimbo, and Dr. Aggrey Mlimuka’ spouse.
The new Executive Director and CEO of the Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE), Advocate Suzanne Ndomba, addresses the invited guests during the ceremony to congratulate and bid farewell to outgoing Executive Director and CEO of the association, Dr. Aggrey Mlimuka, who has completed his term of office, in a ceremony was organized by the Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) at the Serena Hotel in Dar es Salaam yesterday. Photo by Brian Peter

By Our Reporter


The government is committed to review labour policies, laws and legislation to make sure that the employment sector rhymes with the prevailing social-economic situation,  the minister in Prime Minister’s Office, Policy, Parliament, Labour, Youth, Employment and People with Disability Jenista  Mhagama has pointed that out during her official address as the guest of honour at a farewell party to outgoing Executive director and chief Executive Officer of Association of  Tanzanian Employers (ATE),Dr. Aggrey Mlimuka.


 “Some of our laws are outdated and need to be reviewed in order to reflect the situation,” said the minister,” calling on ATE and other stakeholders, TUCTA in particular, to work together towards achieving that aim, and noted that the government will continue to maintain relationship with stakeholders in the tripartite partnership involving employers, labour unions and the government. 


Describing Dr. Mlimuka as Mimura having worked as a Tanzanian and as a patriot who loves his country and did everything dutifully, the Minister credited Dr. Mlimuka for his involvement in various initiatives in employment sector, including valuable inputs in in the review of computation of benefits, minimum wage in public and private sector, in review of laws, in conferences, working conditions.


“It is difficult to say that we are saying goodbye, but we are celebrating your outstanding leadership and we shall continue to benefit from your outstanding experience,” said incoming ATE Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Suzanne Ndomba of her predecessor, herself a product of a leadership programme under ATEA conducted through training to empower women to take leadership positions, which is itself a brainchild of Dr. Mlimuka.


Incoming ATE Executive Director Suzanne Ndomba noted that most women who had participated in the leadership programme for women created by ATEA had ascended to top leadership positions and most are top directors in big renown companies in the country. in the country We shall continue to improve relationship with other stakeholders in order to join efforts to help implement various projects


To the incoming director, minister Mhagama said It isa challenge to take over an office that have been occupied by a person of Dr. Mlimuka’s caliber, however, she said incoming executive director Suzanne Ndomba has the capacity, “we know her and we are confident that she will carry her duties effectively’.’


Said the minister: “As the government, we shall give you cooperation, and it is possible because nowadays our relations between the government and labour stakeholder have improved to a point that every problem is solved through dialogue and we have been having been succeeding that way, we as stakeholder’s expert that you shall help us steer the organization following on the footsteps of Dr. Mlimuka.”


The minister commended ATE for having a succession plan. “We should prepare people to help us when we retire and at the same time learn to appreciate that others too have the capacity to take over. ATE has added to the number of many women in leadership and has helped to reassure people that women too can step into other people’s shoes, it is an example to other institutions that women are capable of leading,” said Minister Mhagama.


The minister said there was every reason to uphold the women leadership programme and make sure it was scaled up to reached out to all women, “It should be a long chain which has no ends and a memory for Dr. Mlimuka as the initiator. I Call upon those that were mentored by Dr. Mlimuka to inherit the good things and put them to proper use on our part in the government, we shall continue to cooperate with ATE effectively, together with labour unions,” said Minister Mhagama.


The Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) is the most representative Employers’ Organization in Tanzania which was formed in 1960, established by Law and currently under Employment and Labour Relations Act, 2004 to represent the interest of Employers on Labour and Employment issues.

The Association represents employers in all sectors of the national economy excluding the civil service.
 ATE Membership currently stands at 1400 direct members and 7500 indirect members drawn from private business firms, companies and some parastatal organizations.



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